Goodbye, farewell, we are looking forward with the past in mind

We have as Leicester City fans seen the rise and fall and the rise again, it’s a roller coaster ride to be following this club and heading back you find the up’s and down’s as many as you have difficulties to count.

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It’s a while since we celebrated that fantastic Premier League win and toured Europe with som fantastic trips, being present in Brugges and Copenhagen. Watching Shinji Okazaki making a real bicicleta and thinking about that fantastic life of Jamie Vardy.

To have met both Shinji and Jamie afterwards was just fantastic, and to see them both performing so well together was a thrill and unbelievable act. A combination up front that was the most unlikely in football. A guy coming up from the little leagues, getting his real great breakthrough in a blistering attacking force together with a Japanese legend.

Shinji left Leicester City this summer, but his legacy will be huge and when we in a few years looks back on his time at the club he will probably be the biggest cult hero we have seen at this football club.

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I would probably be careful saying I love a man, but surely that is my relationship to Claudio Ranieri, what is there not to love. What a person, what a manager and when his time at Leicester City ended something inside me died, but as a fellow Leicester fan experienced a few days back, losing his father, you have to come over it and move on, that is the only medicine.

Claudio is still around, but sadly his time at Leicester City was never to be a long relationship and when he finally came back it was in a way we would not have hoped. The terrible accident and loss of Vichai made Ranieri return to honor his former employer, returning together with a number of former managers who all worked under Vichai.

To be present at the ground v. West Ham was scary and difficult. My phone went warm as I was called by Norwegian Newspapers, fellow Leicester fans home in Norway, and national Norwegian television called me, a took them all from my room at The Belmont Hotell.

Laying a relatively good season behind, with some extraordinary happenings both on and of the field, a management change, Claude Puel out, Brendan Rodgers in, it all was as always an eventful season for “The Foxes”.

We are looking forward to a new season, but sadly the rumour mill has gone crazy with newspapers making news out of nothing and try to bring people on board by clicking on terrible stories not really stories, but made up articles about a player that possibly could join, and it goes on and on, but again we are of course curious.

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When Leicester won the league it was like winning the World War II. Most people believed it wasn’t possible, and that it would not happen again, only an atom bomb formula, and a magic mix made that possible. When Kantè left, the bomb was in a way unarmed. But me in my stupid mind believe that the current group of players and the new manager in place, Brendan Rodgers, this could be done again.

The key to it all is to get players to “fall in love” and as long as they are top earners and can get almost the same amount of money at Leicester City as they are offered elsewhere you will hopefully be able to patiently build a new fantastic engine who can bring the points on board to win those massive battles.

Brendan Rodgers has a base now that looks very promising and if he is able to bring in the players he needs to complete this squad, then we are close to achieving greatness again.

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The build up and pre-season is one looking great and the fixture list is balanced with games coming with a good mix regarding opponents home and away. We will also look forward to the EFL Cup, starting early as always.

Interesting pre-season fixtures and especially that one against Atalanta, a stadium I have been at and seen the town of Bergamo many times. A great city with a nice old town. Atalanta are impressive at the moment in Serie A finishing in a great spot last season, qualified for Champions League competition and with a very talented team.

We have already seen almost 50 players linked to Leicester City, and we are just satisfied if Youri Tielemans signs. It was fantastic to meet Youri after the game against Burnley, travelling together from the same hotell in Manchester to the airport. A great person and football player, with a positive mind and very supportive towards fans. He really loves Leicester City, and Tcf certainly hope that he will continue to play on for the club.

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Fearless, Keep the fait and all types of slogans from the past is there to be taken into action again, the thoughts about Vichai and hopefully Top can take us forward and the appointment of Brendan Rodgers is one that of course set great expectations for the future.

Further expansion at the football ground and new training facilities will certainly lift the club to new heights. So let’s set our hopes high, enjoy and hopefully get some good signs during pre-season.

As always we will be following up on those topics important and follow the club we love so much, in rain, sun, “snow” and stormy winds. Have a great summer all of you!



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