Leicester City and Barcelona, players link and the two clubs interactions

The first memory of Leicester City and Barcelona goes back to the early 80’s when Johan Cruyff was rumored to become a possible new signing for Leicester City. The move was seen as close, but nothing happened and the former Barcelona icon never joined.

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The next big link was of course the fact that Gary Lineker signed for Barcelona, just a year after leaving Leicester City for Everton in that summer of 1986, becoming the top goalscorer in the World Cup.

Lineker and Cruyff never became a big “love affair” and as the move of the Dutch superstar faulted, so did the relationship between the two. Cruyff surprisingly moved Gary to the flank in midfield, a position he also had been used in by Jock Wallace, before Gordon Milne wisely decided to use the young talent up front as a striker.

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The next chapter in the interaction was the friendly at King Power in the pre-season of 2003-04, when Ronaldinho appeared in one of his first games for Barca, winning 1-0 against the newly promoted boys of Micky Adams.

The game is one very special as Leicester City wore to type of kits, the blue and white and introducing the colors of the first kit ever used by Leicester Fosse, the black one with that blue ribbon, a real “cult” kit.

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After Leicester City won the Premier League in 2015/16, they came up against Barcelona in the International Champions Cup, taking place in Stockholm Sweden. This was that special game with two Ahmed Musa goals, but the thrill, really, was for TCF being present and watching Lionel Messi live for the first time, a special moment, what a great footballer he is.

Watching Messi’s movements in the game, and how the other Barca players adjusted their positions around the little magician was just fantastic to watch. Messi was in defense, he was out wide, he turned and twisted up front and in the end Barca won 4-2, just a great day for football.

To see the name Ricardo Pereira linked with Barcelona this summer, was probably not expected, but his first season at Leicester City has been phenomenal and hopefully the club can manage to keep him for a few more years and build on those great games of the 2018-19 season.

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