OGS, our Maguire is not for sale, not at any price, we are not Leicester City or “Mickey Mouse”

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is sniffing around trying to unsettle players at other clubs buying them up for inflated prices and really shocking behavior by the manager of “the best club in the World”, as he himself describes it.

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Steve Bruce and Mike Ashley are doing what Top and Brendan Rodgers should do, just tell OGS to get his boots somewhere else and go fishing in a Norwegian lake. Without any interest from Man Utd, the agent group controlling the affairs of Harry Maguire, would not try to talk this move through.

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Manchester United fans “disguised as journalists” are the once “planting” new stories in the newspapers everyday and making up talk about this and tha. Everything said by managers are all to be in Manchester United’s favor.

Brendan Rodgers is clearly confused when getting questions he can’t answer, so why are our popular manager and vice-chairman Top not stopping this. Maybe because they cannot, due to some “strange” agreement or in need of money, nothing else would be unbelievable.

Newcastle owner Mike Ashley has today talked about the Ayoze Perez deal to Leicester City and admitted that he stupidly agreed to a clause in the Spaniards contract that made it possible for him not to stop that affair from happening. Ashley said he had learned and would not do something like that again, surely showing that he has no intention to “ruin” his own interests. as so many Magpies fans believe he would like to do.

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A bit of credit to Mike Ashley (seldom gets any) as he has together with Steve Bruce just stopped any speculation about a Longstaff move to Manchester United. TCF would have loved to see Top and Brendan Rodgers say the same about Harry Maguire, instead of dragging this out.

Where would Leicester City been with Riyad Mahrez and N’Golo Kantè in this team now, close to Man City and Liverpool, no doubt about it. But instead, clauses and gentlemens agreements, and a number of players who wish they were somewhere else, are making fans disappointed.

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OGS may get a player from Crystal Palace for £50million, but to sell Harry Maguire would be, especially if Leicester City don’t need the money, crazy. OGS did all of this in Norway, but over here clubs were happy with his check book and his buying of players since he had one of the richest men in Norway behind him, while other clubs were struggling to get their salaries paid.

So follow the example of Steve Bruce, simply tell Harry Maguire to grow up and forget Manchester United. Tell him such a move will not happen. But all of this “fog” must be based on a possible lie.

No date is set, no move is yet to be confirmed, no one knows if anything could happen and everything looks as down to the fact that £80million will be a price accepted by Leicester City. But why sell, when you don’t need the money, just to satisfy a player that the club desperately need in a team to progress further up the table.

The situation at Leicester City and their recent financial status, with the use of around £80million on new players this summer, based on earlier years activity could be what the owners would like to get in, without really using any money at all. Last season the sale of Riyad Mahrez was the one seeing the club not being £60million in loss, as that transfer made it all look very nicely and correct regarding financial fair play and also showing a 1,6 million gain.

Why Leicester City can see any “good reason” for selling Harry Maguire, is a riddle not easy to solve. But as mentioned above reasons can be what the club and their manager says is not the reason for a sale, so why on earth can’t this just be stopped.

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As a fan this is so boring, so irritating and really just telling everyone that “Leicester City” is a crap club, somewhere you need to fly from to become something in football. But no one cares as long as you play well, you can force your way into the national team as so many have done at Leicester City, but jumped at a chance to leave when “The Giants” comes around.

Newcastle United, a club with no “Mickey Mouse” on their sleeves, but seen as a bit of a sleeping giant, and that has no one ever said about Leicester City. A capacity growth to 42.000 could see a ground of greatness and hopefully build a broader fanbase, but with selling of the best players, that is the totally wrong way, and you have to convince fans instead of just letting them see where this club is heading.

The 5000/1 happening was a “fairy story”, the team of 2019/20 can be something very different, a clear indication that this club is ready to tell the World that they are a real football club and one to be counted for years to come, both in the Premier League and Europe, finally leaving that “Mickey Mouse” mark once and for all.



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