Leicester City players partying in Copenhagen’s Tivoli

Leicester City players were partying in the capitol of Denmark, all of them “again” dressed up in “fairy” and “superhero” costumes. They were guarded by security as they wandered around in the amusement park.

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An arrangement organized by Kasper Schmeichel as the story might repeat itself this season as it did four years ago when “the party” was dressed up as “ninja’s” at the same place.

Nice to see the boys can have a bit of fun, flying over “to us” over the sea to celebrate their great start to the season. The Danish newspaper BT has a grand story on the happening and of course it’s a “big issue” in this country when some of the best players in Premier League turns up in your city.

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A great win yesterday away to Brighton secured the 2nd place in the table one point in front of Man City, three in front of Chelsea and those eight points behind Liverpool. Leicester are in front of the schedule from the 2015/16 season and to see Jamie Vardy on 12 goals in 13 games would probably see something special also this season.

The engine will not be turned of as Leicester shows quality that makes this a run of quality that started after Brendan Rodgers arrived last season. He is a clever coach and konws the buttons to push, let’s hope the party will continue and if this Tivoli walk and had a great meal at “Grøften” a nice diner in the capitol.

Nice to see players enjoy themselves and hopefully this will add more fuel to the fire as team building spreads and players are more and more united.

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