Jamie Vardy, will he chase the ultimate dream and trash the trolls of football?

We all know what Jamie Vardy has done at Leicester City and what he has accomplished. The fact the 33 year old now is the top goalscorer with 19 goals in the Premier League and made himself available for England duty again, should alert a certain Gareth Southgate.

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Leicester City are chasing a place in this years FA Cup final, and are in the quarters, playing Chelsea at home, and of course not a hurdle that should be impossible, and with Jamie Vardy back in form, he could of course help his team to a final at Wembley.

Jamie has played at Wembley on many occasions, and also with Leicester City two seasons ago when they took on Spurs in a great entertaining way. Despite losing the battle 5-4, it was a great and fantastic football game.

Jamie Vardy scored two in that game at Wembley, and he really enjoyed to be playing at that arena with Leicester City, and as he had done many times before with England.

Still not more than 33, and still as fast as lightening, this is just a number and hopefully he can go on like Zlatan Ibrahimovic has done and just be that leading figure for Leicester City in many new seasons. He is the leading goalscorer of the Premier League, don’t talk about him being “too old”‘ it’s rubbish and garbage talk.

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You have the pundits and the “besserwisser’s” that knows it all, but hopefully Brendan Rodgers will just look at what he sees and not talk about upcoming Jame Vardy birthday’s. He is magic this lad and he can just go on scoring and be the man to count. TCF just would like him to silence all those trolls of football.

To see a stubborn Gareth Southgate selecting all type of players with Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford out, he would be mad not to pick Jamie for the upcoming Euro’s, if the player himself says he is raring to go.

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Lot’s up for grabs for Jamie in the next months to come. He is certain to participate both in the Premier League and FA Cup with Leicester City and most certainly back in Europe next season. If Gareth Southgate makes a “good decision” Jamie will also be leading the line for England and by the start of next season, maybe he could be picking up a new championship medal. To get the best odds on those possible trophy wins, always interesting to see the best offshore sportsbooks.

We wish Jamie Vardy all the luck he can get in his chase for the ultimate dream, and hopefully he will get his wishes accomplished.



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