Seven Leicester City full internationals involved in Euro’s action, England v. Scotland!

Looking back in history you often find astonishing stories and strange happenings but it might not look like it when it occurs and as you look at the same action years after you get a big smile on your face.

When England played Scotland in the 1996 Euro’s at Wembley, of course everyone remember the goal of Paul Gascoigne, but that as many as seven previous Leicester City stars were either on the bench or involved in the action out there is a more or less unknown fact and a bit funny.

Les Ferdinand, Ian Walker and Tim Flowers were all on the bench for England, Gary McAllister played for Scotland, while Billy McKinlay, Nicky Walker and Scot Gemmill were all on the bench.

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At the time of the game, Nicky Walker and Gary McAllister were the two that had represented Leicester City a number of years before, and later on Tim Flowers, Ian Walker and Les Ferdinand all became fan favorites at Leicester City. Scot Gemmill is the last player of the lot to represent Leicester City as he was playing in the 2004/2005 season.

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Tim Flowers seen together with todays England boss Gareth Southgate as they walk of the pitch after that penalty miss that finally ended a dream of a final of a grand international tournament, and as we know England haven’t made a final since 1966.

Going back to 1974 we know that Keith Weller, Frank Worthington and Peter Shilton all played together in an England side, with also David Nish taking part, making it three present and one past player to be in the England team together, but not aware of a game were seven Leicester City players have been involved in an international at the same time, so maybe a unique and very historical occasion.


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