Great duo of jokes and pranks, playing in two decades apart!

To see Alan “The Birch” Birchenall and Robbie “Pelican Head” Savage together before a game, just fantastic, and both were great professionals and really great footballers. Alan Birchenall has been with Leicester City since the early 80’s, as part of the staff in a number of roles, and as we all know played for Leicester City from 1971 ti 1977.

A few years back, Alan had a cardiac arrest, and here in this video he blames Robbie “Pelican Head” Savage for his illness, again of course with a smile on his face, as they laugh it off as always, great to see them both in such a good mood.

They are actually not “little people”, Birch and Sav, but in this video they look like dwarfs alongside Peter Crouch, so funny to see them look so small.

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Robbie Savage is a football follower as well as a previous player, and the former “Class of 92” Manchester United forward, and also a League Cup winner with Leicester City, was known for his battling abilities out on the field, but also had another side, the “jokes” and “pranks” among his own.

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That is why Robbie was so well liked by his own fans, but when he came back with both Birmingham City and Derby County, as i did see him in games for those two teams against Leicester City at The King Power Stadium, he could have done it a bit “lower scale”, but that wasn’t his style, he just wanted his own people to like him, and didn’t give damn about us when he was in another camp.

So great to see these two characters together in present time and having a chat and talk about “old times” as they are, 18 years ago since Robbie Savage left Leicester City and Alan Birchenall are still doing his runs and being part of Leicester City, great, fantastic, top of the league.

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TCF hope both are doing well under these difficult times, without any football and just a virus to talk about, hopefully soon both are back behind their microphones out there live among the fans and people that love football as we surely know both Alan Birchenall and Robbie Savage does.


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