Rodgers out!, foxes fans react to the Leicester City disaster v. Bournemouth

Brendan Rodgers is a nice guy, and his teams are as we have seen ever so entertaining with great ball possession and some fantastic acts of football, but sometimes you are watching horror performances and that cannot continue, if so, Leicester City are a clear relegation candidate next season.

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Seeing the interview with Brendan Rodgers after the game he doesn’t address the key problem and cannot see it himself, because he makes a fatal error in his tactical maneuver as he makes his team more defensive for 2nd half changing Iheanacho with Praet. Brendan doesn’t talk about it, he must have made thoughts about his own decission making, if not, why do the change?

You have the up’s away to Southampton winning 9-0, then in the same season you see Southampton winning 2-1 against us in the opposite event at King Power Stadium, it should not be possible and of course a way to see how a manager works and how the team responds to different tactics.

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The same happens today but not in two games, it happens during two halfs of the same game and from playing with good controll and leading against a team in the relegation zone, you suddenly see experienced players making errors you would think wasn’t possible and makes it difficult to understand what is going on.

We need a change at once, and that is to see a certain reaction from Brendan Rodgers, something that will shake the dressing room heavilly up and give a clear message that this is no longer acceptable. Kasper Schmeichel should be stripped from captaincy, give it to Jamie Vardy, then drop Kasper totally from the team, and instead play Danny Ward, give Jakupovic the bench and let Kasper have a break until the end of the season, his actions today is so far out that you cannot accept it, he needs to work hard to get back in goal, and as we did see with Karius at Liverpool, send out and away.

You cannot have a goalkeeper that does errors like this in a vital situaton securing Champions League football, if you don’t address this, you will get punished and punished again because other players will start asking questions and you will lose the dressing room, and it will also weak your position if you decide to let this just pass without any type of reaction.

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Under Brendan Rodgers we have seen the team in many different systems and line-up’s with especially the midfield a big experimental area. Wilfred Ndidi is the only player to be played regularly with Dennis Praet, Youri Tielemans, Papy Mendy, Marc Albrighton, Hamza Choudhury all being juggled around, and often you don’t understand the pattern at all, especially with Papy Mendy. Picked for starting positions, totally dropped, not often used as a sub. Hamza turning up for a game or two, then dropped for three and today Dennis Praet coming on playing out of position in a wide midfield role.

The experiment with three in the back is of course possible, but to play without four in the back is risky and to just settle for a four men defense would usually work well with so many players knowing that well.

Fans are tired of all the up’s and down’s and honestly this cannot continue into next season, it cannot. Fans are of course upset after this disastrous game, and always good to check out Foxes Talk, to check the temperature. One say, “cannot understand the subsitutions”, One other say, “too soon, but cannot continue”, A third comment, “he cannot change games”.

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When you hear Brendan Rodgers talk in the interview after the Bournemouth game you start wondering what he is talking about, with players not being experienced enough and not ready for Champions League, so please stop paying them Champions League wages and buy them for £30million to £40million, then you surely must be ready for Champions League football. You cannot hide behind anything when you pay them and sign them for fees and wages that are at that level, no excuses Brendan Rodgers, your talk isn’t adding up, sadly.

It was hurtful to watch and how a team could totally collapse from one half to another, never seen such horror before, and Brendan Rodgers is the one responsible.

Earlier this week we wrote an article about Brendan Rodgers and that we feel he is on the way to cement Leicester City in the top, but surely we will be waiting with excitement on his actions before the next game and if he manage to get a change and get it back on track, then we hopefully will get a view of how this will go forward.

Peter Taylor experienced the same type of horror during his days at the club, being top in October, 4th in March and below the middle at the end of the season, the next season started as a total nightmare and suddenly he was gone. Claude Puel, Claudio Ranieri and Craig Shakespeare has also seen the same during their days, we cartainly hope that this will be fixed as soon as possible if not we might have seen the last of Brendan Rodgers as well.



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