Leicester City announce 2nd and 3rd kit, with one in a totally new colour!

Adidas is the brand used by Leicester City, but to be fair, it looks a bit dull in TCF’s opinion. Leicester City should always be in a blue 1st kit, then a white 2nd kit is also something the club shouldn’t joke about, but again the third kit, it’s just that one to change isn’t it.


TCF have earlier stated that we would like to see Leicester City in that first ever “Fosse” kit, black with a light blue ribbon, that would be amazing since that kit really is one to cherish, but we will not always get our will, so ok with maroon. Something new and fresh, but we will probably not see them play much in that color, the pink and black shirts are gone from last season.

The shirts of 2020/21 will not set the World on fire, but they are not that bad either, so all in all pretty satisfied with this seasons colours and kits. You can now also order everything from LCFC.com.



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