Liverpool to win the battle, Leicester City in decline

To predict the outfall of a season is not easy, but it’s fun to see how everyone are looking at Leicester City and how we see it all in our own perspective. Following the club in thick and thin, season in and season out, you get your ideas of how it all will end.

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Last season Soccervoice predicted Leicester City to end in 3rd place, and they were close but with the collapse it was not to happen as we did see a fall to 5th. The prediction this season shows a different number as they are saying 7th.

Liverpool are seen as winners next season, with Man City just behind, with a surprise jump by Brighton & Hove Albion expected to go as high as 11, with Leeds United as winners of last seasons League Championship is set to 9.

Always interesting to notice who are on the lower end, with Fulham, West Bromwich and again a surprise, Sheffield United predicted to go down. The Blades team is not the same without Dean Henderson in goal and with two new goalkeepers signed, they might not go back to sign the Manchester United goalkeeper for a new season.

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Robbie Savage, the former Leicester City man, has also made up his mind and believe that we would see the foxes as low as 10th, but again he believes that a couple of good cup runs could be keeping Leicester also in the positive eye next season.

TCF is a bit in limbo with thoughts about the next season, not really seeing any great progress, and the pre-season doesn’t give any answers, though the first game v. Birmingham City was a positive experience, but to just manage draws against Sheffield Wednesday and Blackburn Rovers wasn’t really lifting the roof, but of course we certainly believe and hope that Brendan Rodgers will secure a place in the top half of the table.

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