We’re good, Fox on the run, Leicester City, 150521, FA Cup pre-talk and build up!

The games are played thick and fast, highlights are there minute by minute, Brendan Rodgers goes from genius to idiot and back, week by week. Never been more thrilling and the next big event is just around the corner.

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Pinch me in the arm, thinking of the day I was present at the game at Britannia to watch Leicester City drawing 0-0 back in 2008. That game will always be in my thoughts whenever I see the blue shirt in a “big match” and watching players coming into the club from all over.

To be a fan is something, to be one running the show, is so much different. I appreciated the work done by Nigel Pearson, coming in, going out and taking us up from tiers below, then when Claudio Ranieri took over, I was positive about the appointment, and it worked fantastically, and when he left it was all a big disappointment, but as you say, try looking forward to the next thing, not looking back at what has been, since you can’t do anything with it.

Craig Shakespeare took over and gave us all a bit of hope, returning to the game we loved, bringing back Shinji, a lovely fellow, what a character, just that little brilliant energy bolt with the biggest smile in football. Craig made a few “genius” signings, bringing in Harry Maguire and Kelechi Iheanacho, generating almost a billion to the club, and now after a long wait we see the better of Kelechi, and his contribution this season is sensational.

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Claude Puel, made the Leicester City transition from counter attacking chasers to a team that kept the ball, for many, a bit too much, but his signings of Ricardo Pereira, James Maddison and Youri Tielemans on loan, were brilliant additions and with that trio team performances with possession was in place.

Brendan Rodgers came in, and since taking over, kept the DNA as much as possible, with a possession playing style and also mixing youth, new signings and the experience in an almost perfect blend. Much said about Brendan Rodgers, but his coaching abilities and football knowledge might be close to the best on this planet. He is a clever man, no doubts about it, finished talking.

Of course as fans you are disappointed when games are lost, and to see us lose at home in so many events this season, is of course not to our liking, but when you then go away to Old Trafford and brings home the first win at that place since 1998, you are of course getting that wonderful feeling back, that you can fly to the stars and looking forward to the next big event.

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Leicester City are back in the FA Cup final for the first time since 1969, and the situation is a bit different from those May days 52 years ago. Going into that final with a relegation fear and as we all know, it became a runners-up experience.

The situation today is totally different with European football secured for the second time in as many seasons, two games before the end of the season, in real sensational and a fantastic achievement. Brendan Rodgers can go into the final with one approach, to win, with no other worries in his head, and he hopefully will be able to field a team capable of beating a team that also have a Champions League final in their pocket.

Leicester City are among the best football teams on the planet earth, and the way it’s been done, makes it just fantastic to be a fan, and “love it”, so you could just, “fly me to the moon”.

What we hope for on Saturday evening is a thrilling affair and the last time Leicester City played a final out here at this special place was back in 2000, and then it became a “dancing party” the Showaddywaddy way. Matt Elliott, scored twice, TCF was behind the goal, this time will watch it all from “over the sea”.

A mix of songs, my build-up, a special playlist, 150521. Build your own!, a bit of Leicester, a bit of home, a bit of winning, smile on faces, waiting with excitement and ready to go. We all are hoping for that wonderful feeling again, the winning feeling, nothing beats it, winning!

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