Leicester players part of an American attandance record breaking happening as LCFC prepare new capacity lift

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Leicester did not attend and was in no way part of this very special and record breaking affair happening in Michigan back in August 2014, as Manchester United took on Real Madrid, and in front of a massive crowd of 109 318 spectators, Manchester United won the game 3-1 after two goals from Ashley Young and a goal scored by Javier Hernandez. Gareth Bale scored for Real Madrid.

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The game had a number of former foxes and one present, with Tom Cleverley and Michael Keane both in the line-up, current Leicester stopper Jonny Evans also played in the game. This crowd is really massive and with that in mind, there are possible miles to go to get in close with the crowd that day, an attendance tally not possible to reach in English football, telling a story of huge “soccer” is as a global sport.

This is the highest ever attendance at a “soccer” game in the US and as attendances did see a decrease in England introducing only seats stadiums in England, you also had a number of years with very low interest and could see just crowds of less than 15 000 at Filbert Street.

King Power Stadium has a capacity today of 32 261, and the increase will see the new arena with a possible growth to 40 000. This will take Leicester from 19th to 12th in attendance capacity list, moving King Power Stadium above Hillsborough and Goodison Park.

There are a few concept pictures of a possible new stadium. It will be exciting to see the full picture when going public. Exciting times as Leicester are ready for their next step to become a massive top club of football.

Hopefully crowds will fill the new stadium to a maximum, it will be fantastic, but still not possible for Jonny Evans to get back to the crowds of above 109 000 as he experienced in Michigan US.

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