What Brendan Rodgers said about previous big major sales as Arsenal move could be hijacked by Spurs, but it looks done for Leicester ace!

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Today you could see Leicestershire Live quoting Brendan Rodgers saying no players must leave the club and that sales are not needed, and they all enjoy life at the camp. Strangely those same words were used previously regarding other players such as Ben Chilwell and Harry Maguire. Just weeks before they left the club, Rodgers denied, according to Metro, that a move for Magurie was close on the 31st of July 2019, and on the 17th of July a year later saying that Ben Chilwell was not for sale, according to Evening Standard.

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When the moves were done and the actual transfer fee was out in the air the talk had changed and this was then described as fantastic business and of course Brendan Rodgers knows this game in and out, he can’t say anything else before a move is on, and he knows exactly how the future looks.

The fact that this move could be hijacked by Spurs is no surprise and the player that could be part of a swap do have the same agent as James Maddison, his name, Dele Alli. They are both attached to CAA Base, who also have Kyle Walker and Raphael Varane, and also Kieran Trippier in their squad.

The hope for James Maddison is clear, to get down to London, build a base for him and his girlfriend and settle with their new family as they are looking at probably their most important decision to make in this near future. Arsenal or Spurs, they are both great football clubs and despite them having a bit of a dipper at the moment, James Maddison would clearly go into those teams and fit straight away, and become a fans favorite.

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Leicester could strike gold the other way with either Joe Willock or Dele Alli getting their chance to really shine in a team that would love to see either one of them. Thrilling to know that two such players regards a move to King Power, they are huge names to get in, if it happens.

With previous words on players such as Harry Maguire and Ben Chilwell this doesn’t really come down to if players are wanting to stay or not, it’s just pure simple business as players are assets and in a business such as football are at the moment, it’s about something out of the hands of the football manager.

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CAA Base, with one of their employees being former QPR player Fitz Hall, are of course also running a business and they need their moves in the market to get the snow ball rolling and with James Maddison moving to Spurs, it could also see them getting a new deal done for Dele Alli, which will benefit the agent both ways.

This will be pushed forward and part of a strategy emerging between agents, players and clubs and are not really about what type of players are eager to stay or go, but part of a push for doing good business.

No one doubts the situation and that players are happy, but as they are just tools in a market and that they know they can be next in line to be part of a package. When deals and talk are pushed forward, hits media, leaks are coming out etc, etc, this is like a production line but of course it’s not always straight forward and how the deals progress can often be a bit difficult to predict as it can be more balls thrown into the hat to get a deal settled. As we know with this James Maddison case it’s a money issue so players are or can be an option to get such deals through.

We do believe that James Maddison and his girlfriend does see London as a perfect place to settle and as a base for both to get the best out of their careers, then to see Spurs thrown into the hat might not surprise as they are a team that could also solve a player plus cash deal for James Maddison and it might trigger Leicester to get a player like Dele Alli, if that is possible.

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Raphael Varana who is on the move to Manchester United did earlier this summer prepare as if he would stay on at Real Madrid, but with only a year left on his current contract, a move has been pushed and a fee of £50million is said to be what they paid at Old Trafford to get this over the line.

Will be interesting to see how many more moves that will be happening for CAA Base this summer with also Kyle Walker and Son Heung-min part of their party and those two not seem to be on the move, then of course to get Maddison and possibly Trippier over the line would be good.

The fact that Youri Tielemans has not yet signed a new deal at Leicester and we are all waiting for that to happen, will be a key in this James Maddison affair and when a date for this move will happen. Tielemans was highly linked with Liverpool and Juventus are also said to be eager, but again we could see a scenario of both players staying, if this jigsaw is not fitting in total.

We will see what happens as the next days pass.

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