Will history repeat itself as Manchester United looks to appoint Leicester manager?

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Today news came forward about a report confirming Brendan Rodgers had agreed to join Manchester United and become their new manager. OGS is under great pressure at Old Trafford as the performances has been like a rollercoaster ride and you cannot really see a pattern to build from.

So the plan now, according to this report, is to go down the road to Leicester to find their next manager just as they did 50 years ago, when Sir Matt Busby drove down to Leicester to have a secret meeting with Frank O’Farrell to convince the Leicester manager to jump ship after a promotion and leave for Old Trafford.

Sir Matt Busby convinced O’Farrell to move and his assistant Malcolm Musgrave also jumped ship as the two men signed on the papers and joined the massive club and establishment in the north. Earlier on Man Utd had appointed Wilf McGuiness as the man to take over from Sir Matt Busby, and very similar to OGS not able to take the club further and showing the progress needed to convince them over time that this was the right way forward.

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McGuinness lasted much shorter than OGS has done, but his results was a bit similar as he had to work with a group of players that had been under the leadership of Sir Matt Busby and also being a previous player and reserve team coach, McGuiness might have struggled with the challanges as his dark blond hair vanished and the guy went totally white and almost bald.

Frank O’Farrell came in and started to change the squad of players bringing in new faces but as OGS not really making space for all of them as the decline just happened minute after minute with the stars of the team getting older and passed their top and of course dealing with a player like George Best who had a lot of issuess off the field.

We will not compare Paul Pogba, Romelu Lukaku and Antonio Martiall with George Best, but surely OGS has not been able to handle the egos and managed to get the best out of those three. The way he has dealt with Jadon Sancho is a bit of a disgrace really as the talented man was signed from Borussia Dortmund last season and hardly been used.

Frank O’Farrell had no experience as manager in the top flight when taking over at Manchester United and a bit more surprisingly than seeing Brendan Rodgers as their main target this time, but surely going to Leicester is an old copy from the past, OGS is soon as white as McGuiness but still have hair, so to just be nice and hopefully see him keeping it, it might be time to act.

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When Frank O’Farrell left he never came back to try to sign his former players at Leicester so if Brendan Rodgers does the same we would be happy, though we would like the current manager to stay as long as he like and with a contract until 2025, we are very surprised to see the opening of such a story.

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This season Watford, Newcastle, Tottenham, Aston Villa and Norwich all have parted company with their manager, will Manchester United be ready to sack their man as well, according to the report from Cought Offside they have allready done it.


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