Report confirms Premier League manager in done deal with Manchester United

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Tragic news if it’s true and we have no reason not to trust the source of the report. Again football shows it’s true face as managers looks to be no better than others involved in this game. A report today confirms that Brendan Rodgers is a gone man for Leicester and will join Manchester United, not easy for Youri Tielemans to commit his future to a club when the man in charge can’t be trusted and wants to leave the same football club.

The start to the season has not been as good as expected, but still early days and everything still possible with Europa League and EFL Cup chances still alive. Despite a few setbacks no one really asks any questions about Brendan Rodgers and his management at Leicester. To see such a report going public is in real disgusting.

Cought Offside reports in this article that Brendan Rodgers would like to wait until the end of the season, and how that has come about is of course dissapointing to see from a Leicester point of view. With what BR has said in the past it looks a bit odd.

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He was earlier linked with the Arsenal and Tottenham job during his days and was reluctant to a change, to see him flirt with Manchester United and decide to leave is just sad, really sad.

If a website decides to report this you must at least have some type of evidence and you cannot really understand how a manager can make such a decision while being involved at his current football club under a long term contract lasting to 2025.

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The fact that Manchester United are trying to complete a deal with Brendan Rodgers is also a big surprise as BR is a previous Liverpool manager and did not manage to bring the PL title to the club. He has been clever at Leicester and done most of his work correctly, though to miss out on CL football on the last day of the season, might not be something Manchester United fans would rate as excellent and would surely have given him the sack at Old Trafford. Footwear Sale, New Styles Added, and Free Shipping With Code: SHIPFW

So if Brendan Rodgers is to jump ship at Leicester, what would be the options and how would the club be able to move forward without him. Not easy to say as there are few managers out there who would be seen as a better alternative.

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Interesting days coming up as we will see if this report is just a wind up or something to believe in. Strange if people just decides to print rubbish and as TCF said, if Brendan Rodgers already has agreed to join, then both OGS and Leicester looks a bit fooled at this point.

We cannot really believe this is true, but surely you can’t put this out in open air if you don’t have a good source on it. We just have to wait and see what will happen. If Brendan Rodgers decides to leave Leicester for Man Utd he will not be the first as Frank O’Farrell did the same back in the early 70’s and lasted a year or so at Old Trafford before getting the sack. O’Farrell’s farewell was also a bit of a shock as he had just promoted Leicester back to the top level after winning the 2nd division. Leicester then appointed Jimmy Bloomfield. He managed to keep the club in the top tier, bringing success and some fantastic players to the club in his years, lasting from 1971 to 1977.


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