News Break, Man Utd close to agreement, Molde waiting for OGS return, Leicester starting search for new manager

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TCF believe that the news of Brendan Rodgers departure from Leicester will be happening soon as Molde prepare for OGS to return. Erling Moe is under consideration and this season has not been as good as Molde would have hoped for not being able to bring forward a new tour in Europe and missing out on the Norwegian league title.

This would be the perfect time for OGS to return to Molde and he is probably ready to move back as his days at Man Utd looks numbered. Parties of Brendan Rodgers do have a deal under consideration and Leicester cannot do anything about it as we all know a clause in Rodgers contract makes him available for those top clubs who would like to hire him.

Rodgers made it clear in the summer that he didn’t fancy the Tottenham job, because he was waiting for something else and he had set his eyes on the job at Old Trafford, surely knowing that OGS was on borrowed time with pressure to the sky on his head. Solskjær’s love for Man Utd will not save him this time with him knowing that nothing will stop this from happening.

As soon as Brendan Rodgers has opened up about his intention of taking over at Manchester United, Leicester need to act quickly and hopefully get an agreement with Rodgers to step down if he has to wait until the summer before his move becomes active.

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There are yet no odds on a new man at Leicester with journalists and newsrooms believing that Rodgers will sit out the season at King Power and take charge at Man Utd next season, but Leicester cannot just sit and wait, but surely need to act qucikly as a new man must be able to take charge if and when the news breaks about Brendan Rodgers and his Manchester United intentions.

OGS could be returning to Molde as there are growing concern about their current set up and the fact that they will not win the league under their manager Erling Moe. OGS is highly rated at Molde and did bring them massive success in previous years.

OGS is a loyal man and he could see a move back to Molde as the best step for his future in football. The job at Man Utd was a far dream for OGS that might have happened a bit too early and for OGS to get out with his head high it might be the best time to step down and move on straight into his old job again. The timing is close to perfect. OGS has been in charge of the team he loves the most, he is a popular man anyway at Man Utd and he will be fondly remembered if this move comes at this time, another season without trophies will not be for the best. Footwear Sale, New Styles Added, and Free Shipping With Code: SHIPFW

Leicester will of course be saddened by the fact that their current and very successful manager would be leaving, but when you hire a boss that have a contract with a clause, then you must be pragmatic about it and just settle it and move on.

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So far there are no big or short list of names of manager candidates to take over at Leicester but one favorite would be Graham Potter, currently in charge of Brighton. Another would be Bournemouth manager Scott Parker, a third candidate might be former Barcelona manager Ronald Koeman and the list will probably grow as more news arrive about Brendan Rodgers departure.


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