The Leicester legend in his last game for the club and the unlikely episode and appearance, No. 9 John Sjoberg

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John Sjoberg joined Leicester from Aberdeen junior club Banks O’Dee in 1956. What was a young Scottish boy joining in his teens became a well known and popular defender at the club for the next 17 years, playing regularly in the first team during the 60’s and early 70’s.

John Sjoberg played his last game for Leicester 13th of January 1973. The game is a FA Cup tie vs. Arsenal, it all ends 2-2. This game is one of four against Arsenal this season, Sjoberg is also on the field in the first fixture in august 1972, result at Filbert Street, 1-0 to Arsenal.

Not often you play two teams four times each during one season, but that happened as Norwich also had the same pleasure at Arsenal. The Canaries played Leicester in Texaco Cup and League Cup ties and twice in the league. Sjoberg is in the team on two of the games, both defeats.

In total John Sjoberg played 414 games for Leicester and scored 19 goals. He was signed by Dave Halliday, left the club when Jimmy Bloomfield was in charge. A short period with Rotherham waited and shortly after he rounded out and opened a printing business.

John Sjoberg played both central defence and right back as he was a continuity in the teams lined up, but was missing out on the 1969 FA Cup final and that season also Sjoberg was heavily missed as the club failed and got relegated. He was later back as a key player in the 70/71 return to top flight life.

Foxes has only one game played against Barrow AFC going all the days back to 27th January 1968, a third round clash ending in a 2-1 win for Leicester. The fact in this game with John Sjoberg in the Leicester team was that it was against a team managed by former Leicester captain Colin Appleton who had been the captain at Wembley five years earlier.

Colin Appleton and John Sjoberg where team mates and both played in the 1963 FA Cup final, so did Mike Stringfellow and Graham Cross. Appleton was not in the Barrow AFC line-up but did run his team from the bench.

John Sjoberg passed away in 2008, Colin Appleton did leave us a few months ago in May 2021.


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