Inconsistencies Causing Leicester European Qualification Problems

Leicester City are a strong Premier League team who can beat almost anyone on their day. However, we are not seeing that from them on a regular basis, and that has prevented them from moving up the table and challenging where they should really be seen.

That could impact on Europe, a place where Leicester wants to be. Manchester City are currently running away with the league title, and the current English Premier League odds from Betfair have Manchester City at 1/10  as of January 24, but it is the clubs behind them that will interest Leicester and their fans.

They will be hoping that Leicester feature heavily over the coming weeks in the next EPL betting tips that become available. A string of wins are needed, this team has shown the ability to do well, but unfortunately, they haven’t shown that anywhere near regular enough.

Is There Hope for Leicester?

Yes, of course, there is hope for Leicester. We have seen enough from them, and fans only need to look back to the 1-0 win over Liverpool during the festive period to see how this team can play. Wins and losses have been and gone, but there has certainly been positives to build on.

The biggest key is consistency, and that is the biggest frustration that fans have at the minute. Not being good enough is bad, but knowing the team is good enough but they don’t show it all the time is far, far worse.

Recent games typify what is happening to Leicester right now. Since October 30, Leicester have played 11 games and they have not recorded two results the same in a row at any point during that run. Obviously, the positive of that is they haven’t lost twice in a row but failing to win two in a row is very disappointing.

This is not good enough if they want to repeat this season’s European run, especially because so many teams around them are playing pretty well, the top six is not going to be easy this year. The team are already out of the Europa League, and will now play in the Europa Conference League, a lower-tier competition but one that gives them a chance of success.

Does the Europa Conference League Offer the Best Chance?

What is going to be interesting for Leicester fans to look at is how seriously they are going to take the Europa Conference League when they play in it. Do they see this as a distraction away from the league, or is this their best chance of qualifying for Europe next season, because the winner gets a spot in the Europa League due to being champions?

Whatever Leicester targets and prioritises over the coming weeks and months, any success they have will all come down to consistency. We haven’t seen that anywhere near enough from them, and recent results show that.

This will be the biggest problem for manager Brendan Rodgers to solve between now and the end of the season, preferably pretty soon.


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