Leicester linked with Man City and Angers youngsters, Arsenal Man Utd and Aston Villa all been a base for recent recruitment

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We often see players moving from other clubs to Leicester on a development level but still looking at the stats of such recruitment will it over time pay off.

Yesterday Man City forward James McAtee and Angers Mohammed Ali Cho are seen as possible targets were we in the past has seen players joining the development group from other teams earlier such as Arsenal, Man Utd and Aston Villa.

This is a new trend but still not really seen as the best way forward. Leicester recruitment is more or less below the age of 15 based on finding players in their own backyard. Luke Thomas, Harvey Barnes, Hamza Choudhury and several others are local players from Leicester and based on the years prior we do see that locals are doing well while others are struggling.

Vontae Dailey-Campbell joined from Arsenal after being released by their academy. The same is the situation with Lewis Brunt who joined from Aston Villa. Bailey Spencer-Adams is also an example of a player joining from other academies, recently been at Burnley and Arsenal.

Leicester have recruited Ollie Ewing and Iestyn Hughes from Manchester United. Earlier a grand number of players such as George Thomas (Coventry City), Sam Hughes (Chester), Callum Wright (Blackburn) and Ali Reghba (Bohemians).

This has also happened in the past, but still a bit of a new trend that certain players swap academies at an early age with hope of a professional contract to appear some time soon.

Jason McAtee and Mohamed Ali Cho are both players that has been tracked for some time and it all comes down to the two players remaining time on current contracts, but it will be interesting to see if anything happens before the transfer window close or if we have to wait until summer for new exciting players to join.


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