A clear message about Leicester from one who knows the club inside out believing it is not yet a closed case for Youri Tielemans

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Christian Fuchs is still following the progress at Leicester. He is in full preperation for the exciting new season coming up in MLS, the first ever for his new club Charlotte FC.

His recent comment on Leicester about the clubs status says it all. He still believe that Youri Tielemans could stay and sign his new and improved contract. Among the interesting parties TCF believe that Man City are the closest to deliver the package of player demands from Youri Tielemans and again he will not be as secure in a first team environment as he is at Leicester .

TCF certainly believe as Christian Fuchs that his former team mate could chose to sign his new deal and hopefully settle his future. Man City will not pay £60million for Youri Tielemans and the chance of going straight into the starting line-up at The Etihad would be difficult.

We have seen other players such as Kasper Schmeichel, Marc Albrighton, Harvey Barnes and James Maddison as well as Jamie Vardy all have signed long term deals which confirms Christian Fuchs belief in Leicester and that they are capable of holding stars they like to keep.

MLS is his new home and we will of course follow up on our former fox as his season soon kicks off with a start for Charlotte FC away to DC United on the 27th of February.

A totally new experience in his 17th year as a professional footballer. Earlier been at established and long living football clubs such as Mattersburg, Bochum, Schalke and Leicester. He played a total of 116 league games in his years at King Power from 2015 to 2021.

A key reason for Christian Fuchs to join this club was of course about his family allready based in US and Steve Walsh, previously with Leicester, as their clubs advisor and Fuchs commented the question with the following answer; “It doesn’t take a lot to convince me when Steve Walsh is involved, because so far he has given me a lot of pleasure in my career,” Fuchs said in a virtual press conference. “When he’s telling me, ‘Listen, this is something legit. This is something very good that’s growing in Charlotte that’s coming into MLS,’ that’s all he needs to tell me. … I was convinced very easily, to say it that way.”

Charlotte FC will be interesting to follow. Jamie Vardy could soon follow Fuchs in MLS as an owner of Rochester New York FC. Their squad list or roster as they call it in US soccer do have a special type of update as they are great on stats and facts.

To follow up on Christian Fuchs feel free to follow him and visit his Twitter account @FuchsOfficial. Masses of great updates.


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