Dilemmas and restrictions in numbers are difficult hurdles as Leicester talents fast could end up in German Bundesliga

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The dilemmas in football transfer activity is not just a question of buying and selling and a club not being involved when others do have options to move forward. This will have to be taken into considartion going forward as certain situations should not appear as random as they have done at Leicester lately.

Leicester do have their challenges going forward with transfers as they are done cannot fail and be burdens in a set of details as a full squad should be prepared.

We do see a young group of players pushing and that must be fantastic news for Brendan Rodgers and he needs to decide on how he should build his squad to the best of his intentions. Since joining back in 2019 it has been a transition and buying fringe players might be a very risky scenario.

We do believe that a stronger U.23 unit will be the ideal and with the group of young players and the talent we know among the U.18’s the club needs to trust them more than what we have seen in the past.

England do produce a lot of quality and their academies are among the best around, so to make a special move to Bundesliga you will have chances to play regular first team football at a very young age. Jadon Sancho and Jude Bellingham both are grand examples, being shipped out before Premier League clubs had the nerve to offer them first team football.

Leicester managed to stop Sammy Braybrooke from moving and are close to or have allready signed him up for the future. Sidnei Tavares did play first team football at Leicester last season but with limited chances to play regularly joined FC Porto.

Khamal Sowah moved back to Belgium to join Brugge and soon bids for Tawanda Maswanhise and Sean Flynn will soon be in as the three are all on show as they appear against players of top international quality.

Leicester will in the years going forward be more and more dependable on their own development of players and we will see a decrease in players just being signed for heavy fees as those moves are risky and will add up numbers among the 25 players possible to use during a season.

Transfers will of course still be very much part of the game but the limit on players in a squad will stop moves from happen if old faces are difficult to chip out and with players not really doing the business and seen as flops just weeks after arrival you do have a grand problem.


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