Leicester close to historical act with Man Utd the final hurdle towards this massive and unique happening to appear

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Fantastic to see the U.18’s on the run towards the final of the FA Youth Cup, but first they must defeat Man Utd in the semi-final.

Leicester faced Brighton in the quarter finals away and did get a strong 2-1 win on the road. A goal from sub Zac Booth secured the win with the first one to Leicester being an own goal.

Leicester made three changes to the team and fielded a strong side with Alves, Braybrooke and Godsmark-Ford all part of the starting line-up.

This u.18 team does have a lot of quality and to see them going far in the FA Youth Cup is a signal about players coming up and through.

To follow up and have that extra knowledge on all Leicester teams never miss out on our season update and possible links to sites that have a grand following.

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The Leicester players in action on Saturday; Chibueze; Grist, Wilson-Brown, Godsmark-Ford; Lindsay, Cartwright, Braybrooke, Kutshienza (Booth 61′); Alves, Cover, Popov (Butterfill 89′).

We certainly will follow up on progress going forward as this is a special group of talent and as always we are looking forward to yet again see them in action both in the u.23’s and the first team.


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