Club board and Gary Lineker looks to have the same feeling about Brendan Rodgers and his future at Leicester

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Despite a number of setbacks and little or no points in the bag lately Leicester looks to have made it clear they will continue life with Brendan Rodgers.

The win vs. Randers in Europa Conference League and a positive performance, despite being the losing side vs. Wolves, will for now be enough to see Brendan Rodgers in charge of this club going forward.

The injury problems of late must be seen as the key reason for bad results and not the fact that the manager is doing much wrong. With players coming back to action we do believe that Leicester will win football games again and the draught eventually becoming history as we reach closer to the end.

Leicester did defeat Randers comfortably in Europe and will most certainly reach the next step and as the single English club in this tournament seen among the favorites to reach the finals.

TCF is one for continuity and with a past of sacking managers with the results Brendan Rodgers are at right now we can see a new approach as owners are far from stretched and with a solid gap down to the relegation zone we all believe 40 points will be a possible target.

To have Premier League games and Conference League games to concentrate on could be ideal for Leicester. Last season Leicester managed to compete to the very end in two competitions not being able to keep it up in Europe, but that could have been a blessing in disguise as three different competitions to be involved in could seen a fall out of all areas, luckily ending 5th in PL and winning the FA Cup.

There are still of course positive signs and getting as close to a win as you can against Spurs, West Ham and Brighton might be a reason why we all believe this football team soon will win games again. The domination of play against Wolves also tells a story of a team that has also been a bit unlucky.

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Hopefully this could see a group of players eager to get going and unite for good results and getting behind Brendan Rodgers during a difficult period of time. Hopefully fortunes can change and fans again getting the belief that the current manager can get this through and back on a winning path in all competitions.


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