Please freeze the colours, Leicester are blue and white, and not a type of all sorts, hopefully not winning the ECL in mint

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Last season Leicester won the FA Cup in maroon and this season we could see Leicester lifting a new trophy in mint or grey with pink. This is really not something that means much as long as the team win titles it can be in what colour we like, but would be great if it was in either white or blue.

The third kit should be black and with that blue ribbon as it symbols the first year of the club, not all this changes that in real just water out the brand and identity.

We do even see clubs changing their home colours as Cardiff City did a few years back, a total disaster in all, as the stadium seets also had to be changed. Leicester is blue and white, not maroon, mint or any other colours of such.

We have seen especially the third kit being changed from one colour to another season in and season out, might be cool, but surely identity will be vanished. The colour and the badge builds the brand and if you are in some sort of marketing position, this could hopefully be to notice.

Hopefully the colour codes will be something to address as this must be a topic to address. Leicester are blue and white, and the third kit should be decided as well, some might believe that it will be dull to be in the same colours year in and year out, but then do a bit of change to the mix of colours instead of just changing it all to something we do not identify as a Leicester City kit at all.

Leicester City had traditionally a blue and white mix of colours on their home and away kit, then the third has been in so many different colours that we cannot count them anymore, every colour in the pallet has been on that shirt, it makes no sence. Personally would have loved Leicester to keep the all black with the blue ribbon just to keep the tradtion running as well as the shirt is unique and very special as the first ever kit to be weared by the club.


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