Jamie Vardy and the story behind 150 Leicester City League Goals the pride of scoring and the joy of playing with a blue heart

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In a time when every talent of football seems to be eager to move on, you have a few that does the total opposite and enjoy time in the same club year by year.

Jamie Vardy joined Leicester back in 2012 almost ten years ago. He has since pushed every possible limit in his life as a footballer but still also made special moves as to quit international football and just consentrate on life at Leicester.

His two goals vs. Norwich made his tally 12 this season in the league, and still missing a number of games and not being able to play from start everytime, it is and impressive amount.

In total he’s got at this point 161 goals scoring his first away to Torquay United in an EFL Cup 1st round affair in a 4-0 win down at Plainmoor. His first in the league came a few days later away to Blackburn Rovers, ending in a 1-2 defeat.

JV had a promsing start but also struggled a bit with life at a higher tier and the foundation needed to cope with demands of the professionalism needed to cope with life at a club fighting for promotion to the top flight.

He finally came around and after just 4 league goals in this first campaign, netted 16 in the next as Leicester won promotion to Premier League as winners of League Championship.

Another difficult season appeared but with “great escape” factor he was greatly involved in saving the club from relegation and also did see his England debut coming. He never looked back and as well all know continued to score goals as we love to see it.

Great to see him reach 150 and still is hungry as the club looks to more years for a player that will be iconic and legendary when he decides to hang up his boots, hopefully a long time from now.


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