Why Leicester can cope with the same situation as Arsenal and Chelsea and get the players they search for

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There are of course a number of issues when trying to sign a new player and being in Europe might be important for some, but others do look for the longer picture.

The most important fact for Leicester to keep the interest of transfer targets are of course to be a Premier League team, the next is to meet the targets for salaries expectations.

Last season Arsenal managed to sign a number of good prospects such as Martin Odegaard and Aaron Ramsdale without being a club competing in Europe, Chelsea also had luck in signing good players and managed to win Premier League when they did not compete in Europe.

Leicester will not be in Europe next season but it will not affect the situation as we do believe this is a priority for players that has come to a certain age and probably would like to play for less and be more involved at an European stage.

Jamie Vardy did not seek any special target and still play for Leicester, even without European action he is comitted and ready to roll. His motivation do not stop as long as Leicester are competing at the highest level (Premier League). He has his hunger and loves to score goals.

The three hottest prospects for Leicester at this moment, Madueke, Eriksen and De Ketelaere are all used to play in Europe either at their current club or at an earlier stage with others, but we believe the thrill of being a first team certainty and to play in Premier League is the most important.

You also need to sign players that believe they can push the team and temselves in the correct direction and doing so be able to qualify for Europe.


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