The perfect kit launch as Leicester goes into modern time with the best ever change to colours and style

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Leicester did see a massive change in kit style when they in the summer of 1976 introduced a new and totally different design from Admiral. The kit was a revelution and a grand facelift for football.

This was new ideas and just a smashing style that will always be seen as taking football kits to a new level of design and at the same time it looked smart and modern.

Leicester had their unique kit and was not the same style as the other Admiral kits and it was so special and looked fantastic as the crest was in the middle and small Admiral logos in different positions.

We have build a nice collection of players wearing the blue and white coloured Admiral kits from the years of use. It was just a three year life for that Admiral kit being launched in 1976 and by 1979 replaced by Umbro.

There were probably minor changes to the kit season by season but it looked the same as those three seasons became special with this type of Admiral kit used. We all know that Leicester made a new change back to Admiral for the 1983/84 season, but it was not the same pattern and style and the magic of those early designs were completely gone.

As we wait on the new 2022/23 kit launch you can always take a look at the fashion of joy. As we grade this as the nicest ever kit being weared by a Leicester team.


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