Brendan Rodgers not the full reason why Leicester are on a sailing safari far from the goal so far

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Looking back in history on Leicester City and their life in football, you must always reflect on ownership as fans are often pointing their fingers on the manager after a run of bad results.

Football is a very simple game and you have to have quality players to outplay the opponent and the factor of selection and system are secondary.

Brendan Rodgers is not in charge of all appointments at this football club. The fact that the club did not have a head of recruitment in place to bring in what was needed for progress and at the same time be able to ship out players no longer in the plans of the manager must be seen as a fatal mistake.

Jon Rudkin is the one that has over the years been in charge of appointments of managers and other key staff members of the football related business.

Brendan Rodgers is not either involved in direct contract negotiations as his focus is on the players and the day to day training.

To see players being handed long term deals with possible clauses to move on if a proper offer from another “major” club comes along makes it difficult for the manager, as moves can be forced through as different scenarios can take place for a sale to happen.

Brendan Rodgers did go out and said that Harry Maguire was not for sale as well as doing the same regarding Wesley Fofana. To see the opposite happen, makes him losing face as he has trusted owners and board. This makes him look like a clown, and to expose your manager in that way is not very nice. The use of words is also something that will be very difficult under pressure as you have to try to answer honestly but at the same time keeping a mask.

Fans of Leicester have in the latter years been very loyal and taken Thai owners to their hearts as they have in real brought a fantastic stability to the club, but taking on the big clubs of English football comes with a cost and when you cannot do anything else than to make the team weaker and weaker by selling the best players under the nose of your manager, who has no desire to see his best players leave, makes it difficult as you are moving your man in charge between the stoles.

Brendan Rodgers will see his space difficult to handle as trust becomes a massive issue for him. Bringing success to a football team is based on trust and you see strange decission making affecting him as he becomes very uncertain. This will of course be brought on to players as they will see it happen.

This is like driving a car in a traffic jam as you have to try to find another road to get through, but trying a different route might not be the best idea, as you can be stuck in that direction as well. A wait to everything has settled down could be the best option, but then you would of course lose a number of minutes before you get the car on the correct speed to reach your target.

Brendan Rodgers (19-22) is the fourth longest serving manager in the top flight of the modern era at Leicester. Matt Gillies (58-68), Jimmy Bloomfield (71-77) and Martin O’Neill (96/00) being in front of him. His work has from day one been outstanding and when he hits a bit of trouble, gets it wrong and makes a a few bad results, we are all after him like wild dogs.

Last season Mikel Arteta came under heavy pressure after three straight defeats in the opening games. Erik Ten Haag had a problematic start in this campaign and after a bit of form has been able to turn the tide.

TCF would like to give Brendan Rodgers until January to make a judgement, but believe he will consider other offers if they appear as his trust might be gone.

We certainly hope that the game vs. Aston Villa will see a change as the squad at present should be one of the best ever, hopefully it will soon turn, to become a force of good results.


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