Brendan Rodgers and Leicester needs to follow Pep formula to stop Erling Haaland and Man City as Cags knows how!

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Brendan Rodgers must be looking at the next fixture with a bold attitude and copy Pep on how to stop Erling Haaland and Man City to score.

Erling Haaland did have his off days at Borussia Dortmund and did go seven games without scoring a goal, back in 2021.

Man City played Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League in this period and the key to keep this man quiet is by focusing on a total, and at Man City that was easy, as they often do have the ball and the opponent seldom does.

Haaland is weaker in play when certain criterias are taken into consideration as he have not been able to score for Norway in crucial games. Serbia and Slovenia managed to defeat Norway and keep Haaland quiet, scoring just that one goal in the 2-1 loss to Slovenia.

Norway lost out on the World Cup in Qatar, with Erling Haaland watching those games from the sofa, while a number of Leicester players will be out there.

So what is needed to stop the goalscoring beast, of course making it as tight as possible and not letting him get the ball into his feet, easy and simple.

That has to be the priority for this game, too keep him as far away from the ball as possible, so how can you accomplish that. Wout Faes and Daniel Amartey are the two in the central defense at the moment, but Cags could play a vital part.

Cags has kept Haaland quiet before, as he with Turkey trashed Norway 3-0, also scoring one of the goals for Turkey. Cags is a beast himself and would physically manage to compete with Haaland.

To just get Cags out there to manmark Haaland on a special mission would be the obvious and in a Kaamark / Juninho style just keeping him out of the game. KDH should be dropped and replaced with Cags as he just follows Haaland for 90 minutes.

The problem we do feel will stop Brendan Rodgers from just keeping Haaland away from the ball without manmarking him is obvious, as Man City is a better football team, with more skills and talent than Leicester, so going to a drastic decission of doing this special step would actually be something to try out and could set an example going forward. Not all teams have a player like Cags as he is very special build and does have the pace needed.

We will probably not see this happen, but to just let the goalscoring machine move around freely inside the penalty box would be foolish and hopefully the approach used at Molineux to stay low and counter attack not really giving much space in your own penalty box would see a possible chance of getting away with something.


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