Leicester to face relegation if they continue a certain policy as history could repeat itself in front of their fans eyes

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The game vs. Tottenham shows the strengths of the team and squad Brendan Rodgers possess. It was a marvelous performance and still key players such as Ricardo Pereira, Youri Tielemans, Jonny Evans, James Justin, Wilfred Ndidi and Jamie Vardy were not in the starting line-up.

Certain players, the current manager and also parts of the fanbase still can’t get it into their head that Leicester in fact is a top team and can beat anyone at their best. Despite bringing home Premier League’s and FA Cup’s, reaching the final 8’s and final 4’s in Champions League, Conference Europa League and Carabao Cup still see the doubters being plural.

It’s sickening to watch as Top, and his father before him, tries to push this club forward and stay major in football. Why players bringing on fantastic performances are so eager to just getting out and instead being more happy to sit around on benches and not play regularly for Man City’s, Chelsea’s and Man Utd’s. This shows a mentality far from healthy.

What we are watching season in and season out is a massive uncertainty, players not believing in the project and that they can achieve great things in blue and white. Established key players are eager to seek life in football elsewhere.

The biggest problem for this club is to have players and a management that are 100% in this bubble, believing that winning major trophies could be won regularly rather than random and stamped “fairystories”.

Brendan Rodgers is a clever manager, why can’t he repeat his best achievements with a squad worth billions and why are the club paying massive wages to players if they believe that survival in Premier League is the only possible achievement.

Leicester is seen as a minor for most and watching fans saying that James Maddison is too good to play for Leicester and wish him the best when he decides to move on to Man City’s, Liverpool’s, Arsenal’s or whatever, makes you wonder what type of fans this club do have at times.

Cannot understand that filling the bench and not be a regular starter, looks better than being the star name at Leicester and having a manager building a team around you.

To sell players such as Wesley Fofana, Ben Chilwell and Marry Maguire in the recent past, as well as Riyad Mahrez, N’Gole Kante and Danny Drinkwater before them, without a certain replacement drawn up of similar character can ruin a season and also be the reason for a relegation battle instead of fighting for Champions League places.

Liverpool and Chelsea are clear examples, as well as Leicester this season, struggling with one or two massive moves not turning out as well as you would hoped. We have seen the departure of Sadio Mane at Liverpool, injuries to Kantè at Chelsea and Sterling not really being much in place, as issues of minor pieces giving headaches and table positions far from satisfactory.

Leicester cannot continue to sell their best players season in and season out, as well as being hit with seven to eight injuries on a constant basis as this club will soon find themselves in trouble.

We have seen the same in the past as a major project under Martin O’Neill went down the toilet just months after he left, seeing idiotic approaches from the next manager being made. Listening to Steve Guppy and the recent interview done by Gerry Taggart and Matt Elliott, showing how strange management can stop a project in progress.

Steve Guppy was a key player at the club and his crosses into the box were rated among the best in Premier League at that time. This was totally ignored by Peter Taylor and his respect for MON’s build was zero, A total disaster followed, Steve Guppy left the club shortly after Taylor’s arrival. No more crosses to be seen and after just seven to eight months you had changed to set up completely and a massive decline appeared.

If fans are happy with just being in the Premier League, not really setting standards and goals higher we could soon find ourselves in relegation battles season in and season out, hopfully a change will come and we can again start believing in players ready to commit their long term future to Leicester.


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