What if? An alternative history of Leicester City talking of Ice Kings and Gary Lineker as we bring on Martin O’Neill

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This website was launched during the 1999/00 season under the domain name “norfox.net”, and following up with daily updates on Martin O’Neill and his possible departure from Leicester was in real the first major stories written.

Leicester managed to keep vultures on a distance as we all know a number of clubs wanted MON to come to them, but with the sale of Emile Heskey and a number of other major issues on the table, MON finally made the disastrous move and left.

So what would have happened if MON had stayed and in his spirit build on what had been done. Cerainly none of the other key players would have been sold, Steve Walsh, Tony Cottee and Steve Guppy had not been treated as dirt by MON, and they would have played their part at least in that following season, no reason for anything else.

We would have seen one or two major moves done over the summer, but not as many as Peter Taylor did, and certainly not seen £5.5 million used on Ade Akinbiyi.

Money was cleverly used by MON and he would have found one or two players in the correct age, correct position to build his 3-5-2 system even better.

A young Swedish player named Kim Kallstrom was recommended to academy manager Alan Hill in a meeting taking place at Belvoir Drive a few months after MON had left. Nothing happened and believe Hacken never was approached and a bargain buy never happened. We believe Kim Kallstrom would have been among those signings as Leicester needed a new central midfielder to play alongside Neil Lennon and Muzzy Izzet, and no one would have been more perfect than Kim Kallstrom. He was young and could have taken over from Neil Lennon as the leader in midfield going forward.

We would probably have seen a new forward being signed, keeping Tony Cottee as a cover and one to put on in the latter minutes of the game. What type of “fog” Peter Taylor had in his sight when he decided to use Stan Collymore together with Ade Akinbiyi as a pair up front, can only be answered by Taylor himself.

The player to move for up front must one that could be in a perfect partnership with Stan Collymore and a shrewd move Henrik Larsson could have been on as Leicester had the money at the time to use. Larsson at that time 29 years of age, and of course possible to get in for the same money used on Ade Akinbiyi, maybe using one or two more millions to bring in a man from north.

With Larsson and Kallstrom coming in, you would have fantastic alterantives in midfield and up front that could have been enough to exchale from the level they were.

We believe that MON could have lured Emile Heskey back from Liverpool in a few years as he made a move to Birmingham and with Leicester a top team in Premier League he would probably have jumped at the chance of playing alongside Henrik Larsson.

MON could have won more trophies and as he said himself, getting his hands on £11million to use on new players and on the correct signings would probably seen Leicester in a much better position and avoided all those disaster years out of the top.


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