Harry Souttar and his big brother John of Rangers being full internationals for two different countries as we look up family relations

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Over the years a number of Leicester footballers do have brothers, cousins, fathers or other family members that are also involved in professional football as we have certainly a new member in this categoriy, Harry Souttar.

This might be a unique situation as his big brother, Rangers defender John Souttar, represent Scotland at international level, John making his debut for Scotland in 2018, and so far 8 caps to his name. Harry, as we all know, decided to go for Australia, able to play couse of his mothers background, and so far played 15 times for his new nation.

Both are born in Scotland, John is 26 years old, Harry 24.

John and Harry both started their professional careers at Dundee United, after being picked up from attending soccer schools in the area. Their father Jack, played an important part in their footballing scooling and did himself play proffesional football for Brechin City.

Looking at Harry Souttar, you would imagine his brother being a tower as well, but John is just 1.86m, also a tall man, but still far from the 1.98m of his little brother. Both played at youth international level for Scotland until U.19, when Harry changed and also took part in Australia’s U.23 team, so it must have been a decision made with a bit of belief that turning his back on Scotland was indeed something he will not regret.

Over the years you have a great number of Leicester players who are similar to Harry and John Souttar as they have a brother in football somewhere. Jonny Evans, do have his brother Corry, who are also a N Ireland international with 65 caps to his name, and at present playing for Sunderland. Corry is 32 and three years younger than Jonny as both came through the youth ranks at Manchester United.

Stefan and Scott Oakes are two brothers of the past that both played in the first team at Leicester, and to our notice among very few in that category. From the longer past Keith had his brother Phil at Leicester, but the latter never came to the stage of playing regular games in the first team. The same was the situation with the legendary Adam Black and his brother John also said to have been with Leicester at one point, but played professional at other clubs.

Arthur Rowley the goalscoring hero of Leicester and still having the record of most goals scored in one season. 44 goals in 42 games is a fantastic record from the 1956/57 promotion season, and will be difficult to reach for any other player. His brother Jack was also a grand footballer turning out for Manchester United most of his career. A great biography about the two is one to recommend.

Allan Clarke and his brother Wayne both played for Leicester, with Allan being just a single season, 1968/69, between two English transfer record fee moves, from Fulham and to Leeds. Wayne had an even shorter stay, coming in from Everton as part of a deal that did see Mike Newell moving the other way and later in a similar situation when he swopped with David Oldfield and joined Man City. Allan also had three other brothers in Frank, David and Kelvin who all did play at professional level for a number of different clubs.

Frank Worthington, also a great Leicester player from the past, had two other elderlybrothers in football. Bob Worthington played most of his career at Notts County, while the oldest of the three, Dave, had his best days at Grimsby Town. Both Bob and Dave played in full back postions. Dave has a grand reputation in scouting, working for a number of clubs and being pivotal for Sam Allardyce. He is also known for spotting players such as Samir Nasri and Hugo Lloris as of many years living abroad.

Alex Bruce, James Pearson, Stephen Clemence are three former Leicester players with famous fathers in the game, being sons of Steve (Bruce), Nigel (Pearson) and Ray (Clemence). Robbie Savage has his son Charlie at Manchester United, and at present on loan with Forest Green Rovers. The 19 year old, born in Leicester, representing Wales as his father and been involved at U.21 level for The Dragons.

Not to forget Harvey Barnes with his father Paul, who had a long life in professional football with a grand number of clubs, but never played at the highest level for clubs such as Birmingham, Stoke, Burnley and Huddersfield who all experience Premier League life at some stage. Burnley signed him in 1996 from Birmingham for then a club record fee of £325.000.


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