Is this the final goodbye as Leicester move looks confirmed going to training at Manchester United

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Manchester United has a special place in the heart of Jonny Evans. The fact that he used to be a “red devil” and part of a special group of players coming up through the academy at the club and establishing himself in a set up put together and being a pupil of Sir Alex Ferguson.

To hear that he is back at the club to train and prepare for his next chapter in the game, is a bit saddened as we would have liked to see him part of a promotion push at Leicester. With the addition of Conor Coady and loan signing Callum Doyle, this looks a lost man for the club.

He has been linked with Everton, but not to be suprised if Man Utd asks their former player to rejoin, with a chance to be part of a plan as coaching and playing a squad role could be one scenario far from surprising.

We will see what happens to Jonny Evans, but sadly he looks lost for Leicester as the captain from last season still have his eyes on a Premier League chance somewhere.

Jonny Evans said to still live locally in Manchester and his wife on the employment list of the club, working for MUTV, is said to be welcomed back for training.

Leicester have not yet commented on him leaving and the last words were that they were working on a possible new deal to be found, but then he would probably have not been at MU to train and instead joined Leicester for pre-season.

If he leaves, it’s really sad news, though everything comes to a conclusion, at the age of 35, you can still be an important player, though the injury situation of latter seasons at Leicester do indicate that Enzo Maresca might have taken the correct decission to bring on board other defenders.


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