U.21’s taking the lead in 1-7 Wigan defeat as nightmare season continues with no special answers given to heavy stumbles

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Ben Petty are looking for answers, as he try to reestablish some sort of momentum to his U.21 squad, struggling heavy in the League, and yesterday being defeated 7-1 by Wigan.

Leicester took the lead after 30 minutes, surprisingly the goal from Arjan Raikhy started a fall in performance leading to a massive disappointment and seven balls being picked out of the net by Leicester goalkeeper Brad Young.

Wigan are in the relegation zone of League One at the moment, winning their last game at home to Cambridge, 2-1. Wigan manager Shaun Maloney played a much different team, so what type of quality Leicester were facing is difficult to say, but it all ended in total disasater.

So far only one game is won in the league, and that was the opener at home to Derby. Defeats to Arsenal, Blackburn and Norwich, as they next will play Middlesbrough at thome on the 25th of September.

The team lack momentum and possibly a few experienced players at this level, but still should be able to compete better than what we did see yesterday, falling totally apart. Wanya Marcal-Madivadua was in the line-up but his presence did not help.

To see this happening is not much fun as the group is the players that will be pushing on for a chance in the first team, and not understanding the use of Wanya Marcal-Madivadua, doing great in the first team, and suddenly he is back in the U.21 set up, experiencing somehting like this, strange.


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