A team of the extreme as Leicester growing special and unique under Enzo Maresca with their own brand and identity

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Watching Leicester over several decades, you have your favorites and of course the first team to remember back on is the one under management of Jimmy Bloomfield, more than 50 years ago. This is really the memory stuck in your mind as the one to benchmark against.

Then you have the Premier League winning team, but in a way it just faded, despite having a strong run in Champions League the season after. Claudio Ranieri was sacked and it was over almost before it started.

Jock Wallace, Gordon Milne and Martin O’Neill managed to put a stamp on their teams at Leicester, some from their own philosophy others for the way they decided to play. But still you get back to that Jimmy Bloomfield approach and when you decided to play without overlapping defenders and having special and flamboyant carachters in the team with splended technique and scoring unfergetteble goals.

So with a start of 10 wins in 11 games, and also shaking Liverpool early on at Anfield, makes it easy start to believe in this new project under Enzo Maresca. In the game vs. Stoke, Leicester only scored two goals, but it could have been 4, maybe 5, and that has been the case in most games, but with so much possession you are asking for more.

Leicester are at the moment playing with so much possession that you start to forget that in a traditional football game were you see the attacking and defending from both teams is simply gone, so we cannot forget that, but still waiting for that ketchup effect when Leicester hopefully will get 6 or 7 as it will surely be possible with so much possession.

We are early in the season, but what we did see against Stoke, shows that the style and the way the team play do not change if you change more than half the team and of course having Mads Hermansen as the goalkeeper, really gives this the dimention and style that you can recognize all through.

Stoke had a number of players out of contention, but that will be probably be a problem for every team this season, and of course being able to change and adapt as Leicester can do with such a depth in the squad.

So what we hear from Enzo Maresca is that his team is not at the place he believe they should, not yet, so excited to see what he is looking for as we still have more to get excited about.


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