Amazing save, Denmark calling, foxes fans follow their stars

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Whenever an international break comes around, we who live abroad and are Leicester City fans, will then be watching our national teams and of course follow the nations with foxes in their squad.

Scandinavian fans of Leicester City are a united group and with no Leicester City players currently representing Sweden or Norway, Denmark is our hope, and to see Kasper Schmeichel in goal is always a thrill.

From our phones messenger chat we are always in close distance to each other, despite being in different countries and following different teams. The messenger chat got warm from our faithful Danish fox when Kasper showed his qualities against Gareth Bale.

What a save and what a great way to show all doubters what Kasper Schmeichel is all about, 100% quality and always reliable for club and country. His save from that Gareth Bale free kick is one to really bring forward as one of the best.

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Looking back in time we will always be remembered about that heroic save from Gordon Banks on the Pele header, at that time Banks played for Stoke City, so not really one to brag to much about from a Leicester City point of view, but still the most amazing save in football.

Peter Shilton also made his name in football as a fantastic shot stopper making some crazy saves and always reliable and seldom doing errors. Kasper is in Tcf’s ranking the third best goalkeeper to be in goal for Leicester City, just behind Shilton and Banks, closely followed by Mark Wallington and Ian Walker who both also must be described as great shot stoppers on the books of Leicester City.

The first goalkeeper in the history of Leicester Fosse/City to play for England was Horace Bailey, who also is unique, being an Olympic Gold Medalist in football. Bailey played for Leicester Fosse from 1907 to 1908, played 68 league games at the club, before moving to Derby County.

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Leicester have always been “saved” by great goalkeepers and some of them where steady first choices for decades. A list of City legendary goalkeepers below, check also our special Pinterest Board of Leicester City goalkeepers.

Kasper Schmeichel is now close to reach both Gordon Banks and Peter Shilton in league appearances, just a few games behind, but to reach Mark Wallington’s tally of 412 is still far from completed.

  • Horace Bailey (1907-1908)
    • Great Britain, Olympic Gold
    • England, 5 caps
    • Leicester City, 68 l app’s
  • Jim McClaren (1927-1933)
    • Leicester City, 177 l app’s
  • Johnny Anderson (1948-1959)
    • Scotland, 1 cap
    • Leicester City, 261 l app’s
  • Gordon Banks (1959-1967)
    • England, 67 caps, World Cup Winner
    • Leicester City, 293 l app’s
  • Peter Shilton (1966-1974)
    • England, 125 caps
    • Leicester City, 286 l app’s, 1 goal
  • Mark Wallington (1971-1985)
    • Leicester City, 412 l app’s
  • Kevin Poole (1991-1997)
    • Leicester City, 163 l app’s
  • Kasey Keller (1996-1999)
    • USA, 102 caps
    • Leicester City, 99 l app’s
  • Tim Flowers (1999-2003)
    • England, 11 caps
    • Leicester City, 54 l app’s
  • Ian Walker (2001-2005)
    • England, 4 caps
    • Leicester City, 140 l app’s
  • Kasper Schmeichel (2011->)
    • Denmark, 43 caps
    • Leicester City, 275 l app’s

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