Leicester City involved in all goals when England defeats Croatia

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Ben Chilwell was the only current Leicester City player on the field, but others with a former life at the club scored all goals in this fantastic match at Wembley stadium.

A first half that had it all with a fantastic Harry Kane chance that was blocked by the Croatian goalkeeper. The former Leicester City loanee was a handful this evening and he showed carachter for 90 minutes that was heavilly rewarded in the end.

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After a good first half, England were unlucky not to have scored, but a 0-0 draw would see them floating in the Nations League top tier and that in itself is a good result.

But former Leicester City forward Andrej Kramaric wanted to spoil the evening for England, trolling the central defenders and just curling the ball behind Jordan Pickford and suddenly everything looked dark for England.

Gareth Southgate had to see his team being threatened by the World Cup finalists and their nemesis in the Semi-finals in Russia. But former foxes and of course current fox Ben Chilwell wanted to make a difference and chance the outcome.

Chilwell had a great game and sprinted up and down the left flank, complementing the forward line and at the same time being a good and steady part of the back four. He had a great game and his fifth cap might have been his best.

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Jesse Lingard, who we all remember had a short loan spell at Leicester in the Championship, came on in the 2nd half and had a great impact, first scoring England equalizer and just minutes after saving a shot on the goal line.

Just seven minutes after Lingard’s goal, Harry Kane put his toe on a Ben Chilwell assist, and suddenly England was in the semi-finals of the Nations League, winning their group, instead of being relegated to the 2nd tier, which now happened to Croatia.

As England grabbed all three points, Leicester City were heavily involved with players who in previous years has played for the club, scoring all goals and the one present at the moment being second on the winning goal, what a day and what a performance.

UEFA Nations League is a great tournament and one that will live on as this gives us fantastic games with teams playing other teams on their same level. This is a win, win for all parties, and to see little nations like Gibralter, Andorra and Luxembourg all being able to win games shows how right this have been, love the form and set up, just great.

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