Little and Large, The Dr., Smith and Jones, Black and White, North and West, US Presidents and UK Prime Ministers, they are all part of Leicester City history

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If you look at the names of former and also current Leicester City players you will find similarities to other people in totally different occupations and famous in much other ways than being a footballer at Leicester City. We have drawn up our list of funnies and facts.

The Little and Large comedy actors are famous and known from TV, but Leicester City also had their Little and Large. Of course most of us will remember former manager Brian Little and some might even remember Frank Large.

Little was a successful manager during the 90’s, winning City promotion to the Premier League for the first time. Frank Large, as his name, a tall forward playing in the late 60’s. Large was a travelling man in football, scored goals wherever he went and finished his playing career in the NASL with Baltimore Comets.

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Then you have the two fellows, Mike and Jimmy, one on a string and the other a good guy. Mike Stringfellow played during the 60’s and into the mid 70’s. A great player who made great comebacks after terrible setbacks. Jimmy Goodfellow is mostly known for his goal in the 1965 League Cup final v. Chelsea.

As we know the only player at Leicester City who also can title himself Dr. is former forward and England international Gary Lineker. He was awarded this in honor by The Montfort University back in 2014.

Yo will find King and Knight. Today Leicester City have them both at the club, Andy and Josh. Common names in the UK, but for us abroad seldom seen as a last name. You also have North and West. Marc North played for Leicester during the 90’s and Jack West turned out for Fosse from 1908 to 1910.

The Black and White at Leicester City was the through opposite, since White was black and Black was white. Winston White played for Leicester in the late 70’s and we all remember Adam Black the player with most league appearances for the club playing in that 1928-29 season when Leicester City ended runners-up in the top division.

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Ian Wilson, Alistair Brown, Matt Heath, Nathan Blake, Ben Thatcher and Larry May are all former Leicester City players, and they share their last names with the prime ministers in the UK.

George Armstrong was signed from Arsenal, but probably his last name is more famous for all other things than football, since Neil made it even further than George, by being the first man on the moon.

Kennedy, Johnson, Ford and Carter are all former Leicester City players and also known as US Presidents. Tom Kennedy had a short spell as a fox from 2010 to 2012, signed from Rochdale. Rob Johnson a hard battling full back who had his spell from 1989 to 1991. Gary Ford joined from York City in 1987. Few might remember Alf and Roger Carter, both played for Leicester Fosse and the only in this category to be born before the US president. Roger was a goalkeeper with only one appearance, Alf managed four and played up front scoring one goal.

Smith & Jones was a popular “Western” in the 70’s, and to find that sir name among Leicester players was not a problem. Sep and Alan, but Smith’s fitted the bill, one a legendary midfielder for 20 years at Leicester City during the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Alan Smith is know from the days of Wallace and Milne, scoring lively in partnership with Lineker and Lynex up front.

If you look at the strangest last name, Drinkwater wins that battle for Tcf. In the past talking about Steve Earle was also odd, not that his last name was very strange, but because he is a famous singer and few believed that he played for Leicester City. As we of course all know, they are not the same.

A number of famous and league winning managers played for Leicester City. Don Revie is one, Roberto Mancini another. Tony Knapp and Frank Soo are both previous players at Leicester City, who won league trophies as managers in Scandinavia. We have to mention Matt Gillies as well, who played and managed the club in the 50’s and 60’s, ending 4th as best in the league, runners-up twice in the FA Cup, and winning the League Cup as well as reaching the final in a 2nd attempt.


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