A drive with Youri Tielemans, what he told us about his possible move to Leicester City

We are two devoted Leicester City fans on a trip to England to watch our beloved foxes.  Over the years we have met players, staff and managers, but this was one of the most surreal happenings ever.

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After the game away to Burnley, before flying back to Norway, we met Youri Tielemans. He stayed at the same hotell as we did in Manchester. The story is really a “short one” and the talk happened inside a bus to the airport.

We first spotted Tielemans when having breakfast, and then when leaving the hotell he came down and took the same shuttle as we did, and we just asked him if he was a professional footballer and he said “yes”, and then we asked if he was “Youri Tielemans” and he said “yes” again.

We told him that we were Leicester City fans. Before we had said we were from Norway, he asked us why we were flying, everyone laughed and we asked for a picture, which was taken in a bit of a hurry inside the bus.

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We said to him that he was so perfect for Leicester City and he had to sign permanent, if he didn’t we wouldn’t let him out of the bus, joke. He told us that he loved life at Leicester, that he really liked to play under Brendan Rodgers and that fans had been great. He enjoyed his role and to be playing in the Premier League was a dream come through.

About the transfer, he just said that he had to wait until the summer, and see what happened. His priority was to play week in and week out and be a regular for Belgium, something he believed would be more than possible with Leicester City.

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When we asked him about playing away to Burnley at Turf Moor, which is not the place you would take your Norwegian family on a summer holiday, he just said it was great being able to play in England and that Burnley are what English football is all about, just spot on.

The fact that Youri Tielemans met up with two Norwegian Leicester City fans in a bus to an airport in Manchester is a 5000/1 happening. We believe that the Youri Tielemans / Leicester  City connection is ment to be, and that he might think of this strange happening as a possible reason for him signing for Leicester City, ha, ha. If Youri is, as us, a bit superstitious and believe in fairy stories, then we will see him in a Leicester City shirt also next season.

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When we posted this picture on the Norwegian Leicester City forum, one said, “get him to sign”, another said, “have you kidnapped the guy”, a third comment was “no, no, that is not possible, that can’t be Youri Tielemans”. A fourth one was, “the bus value, with goods, is now more than £40million”.

We were back in Leicester for the game against Chelsea, and a few we met said, “what a brilliant picture”, this has been posted around before. Hopefully Youri Tielemans will sign, that would be great.

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