Leicester 0, Man City 1, positives and negatives, player ratings and match report

A change of system was “the new face” of Brendan Rodgers for this game. Dennis Praet had been given the central defensive midfield position in a 3-5-2 system also giving seldom starts to Christian Fuchs and Kelechi Iheanacho.

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Leicester started brilliantly and it looked as if Man City would be outplayed in this system and after just eight minutes Jamie Vardy was nicely played through and had the opportunity to score, but his shot hit the post.  To beat Man City goalkeeper Ederson is a difficult task and it would again be a struggle despite a few chances.

It could look even when you talk about chances but looking at the possession stats you will see that Leicester only had the ball 32%, which is very little and again you start to wonder why Brendan Rogers changed his tactics.

Towards the end of the first half Kelechi Iheanacho went into a air battle with Ederson, and the Nigerian had to take a count after being hit to the ground, but as the pictures tells you the Man City goalkeeper hit the ball first.

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TCF was certainly exciting going into the 2nd half and it looked solid with a three men defense and a “crowded” midfield, as both Chilwell and Pereira pushed much more forward than saying this was a five men defense.

After 65 minutes Dennis Praet is hit with a shot from Ilkay Gundogan and easily you can see that the Belgian international does have his hand in a position that will, if the ball hits him, result in a penalty and so it did.

Kasper Schmeichel loves to save penalty shots and he does it again from a poor placed shot by Sergio Aguero.  VAR again had to go in and decide, but the uncertainty about this system is starting to annoy everyone. Not because of the system itself and not really the delays, but again the way it’s used. Earlier in the game it was a few other situations and especially one penalty incident that wasn’t checked, and that is a problem with those who now are nursed by a system but cannot use it in the right way.

Referees still decides and they are still the problem, to get this 100% correctly and to be able to check those situations needed to be checked, you need representatives from each club defending their side and their writes to get situations checked as you can clearly see that those creating the problems in the past, the refs, are not capable of running this show as they do know as they using the tool the way it should be used.

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Kasper played a great game and was probably Leicester’s best player out there, but he couldn’t save the well placed finish from Gabriel Jesus just 10 minutes from the end.

Riyad Mahrez ran down the right side and a wrong turn by Christian Fuchs opened up space for the former Leicester City player, he twisted and turned before he just served the ball to Jesus, and without a proper back four and a bit of uncertainty about positioning in a back three, you get a negative result.

Despite a few incidents and maybe an unrewarded penalty, Leicester were this afternoon outplayed by Man City, who showed that there are a bit to learn still for Brendan Rodgers and his team and again how much we miss Wilfred Ndidi, sadly he is not fit but hopefully he will be back soon.

A surprise “stunt” by Rodgers in the end, bringing on Matty James. Watching on TV, thought it was a clip from a previous game that was on show, but it was no “video from the past”, it was the long servant making his first appearance in almost two years.

  • Positives:
    • Kasper Schmeichel, World class saves
    • Looked as the team were well balanced in a 3-5-2
    • Giving Kelechi, Fuchs and Preat starts
    • Leicester had the best kit, Man City’s looks awful
  • Negatives:
    • Outplayed at times in the 2nd half
    • Vardy not scoring on his best chances
    • VAR not used as well as it should by the officials
  • Player Ratings: Schmeichel 8, Pereira 7, Chilwell 6, Evans 7, Soyuncu 6, Praet 7, Tielemans 7, Maddison 6, Vardy 6, Iheanacho 6, Subs: Barnes, Perez, James

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  • Leicester City, Man of the Match
    • Kasper Schmeichel

Match Stats (H/A):

  • Possession: 32 / 68
  • Corners: 3 / 7
  • Shots on target: 3 / 5
  • Fouls: 13 / 10
  • Offsides: 1 / 1

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