The shirts that fits Leicester City best, first, second and third colour favorites

Leicester City launch new kits every season and they are not really cherish the classical outfit as much as we probably would have liked, switching the first, second and third for almost every season with all type of colours.

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To look back in time is always fun, and as a Leicester City fan you always wonder about what will come next, but tradition should play a part, indeed it should and of course the first kit should not really be changed so much.

What is good though is the fact that Leicester City have over the years and since the early 90’s kept the badge as it is, with a few minor changes, but in all it’s a grand badge and really a recognizer that should be kept, because it tells the story well and also fits the jersey well too.

I am not 100% certain if I feel that Leicester City should be playing in a blue shirt, white shorts and blue and white stockings, but maybe that all blue tradition might not be that bad after all. During the 60’s and 90’s it was all blue at times and of course in those present years also being favored in the 2005/16 season, so yes would love to see Leicester City in all blue as the first color, or home color if you like.

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The 2nd shirt or away shirt if you like is not difficult to deside, it should be all white, and then you could change a bit with blue shorts or the first kit with white shorts regarding the opponent you are playing, that would be good, but all white is super and no stripes just a neat all white outfit.

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The third kit is also obvious, would not like red, pink, yellow or grey. The one TCF would like to see is the black with the light blue ribbon, the original one, taking tradition and history into content and keep that rear and special one.

If you look at previous brands and kit suppliers, my all time favorite will for always be Admiral. A company that once was based in Leicester and England, but also the Adidas of today is good and maybe a second favorite of all those suppliers we have seen.

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