The Ündertaker, who is he, Brendan Rodgers building steel bridges

The signing of Timothy Castagne was one inspirational and the addition of Cengiz Under makes the excitement even higher as the players added will give Leicester City more strength both as a team and squad, this could become “electric” and far above what we all expect.

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Looking at the two new signings that have linked up with Leicester City they are not really strangers to the environment as they know key players at the club from before. This is so vital when you go out and sing players that would see them settle faster and if there are for example language barriers you will be much more safe if a familier face is around.

The move for Cengiz Under is not made just because he is a wonderful player, but also the fact that he could blend in more easily with Caglar Soyuncu allready at the club. The two are teammates in the national team and almost the same age, so there are much to celebrate with this move.

A clever act by Brendan Rodgers building a squad that looks stronger than last season and with Under he gets a player that reminds me a bit of Keith Weller, who had such great years with Leicester City in the 70’s, the dribbling, the passing and the special way of being a game changer and one that can win you football games.

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It’s thrilling to see Leicester City being able to attract talent at the very top of the pyramid of European football. Under has also a previous Leicester connection, being coached by Claudio Ranieri at Roma.

We have earlier presented Cengiz Under at this site, being a certain signing, as it was no secret that he would sign, but there are more to him that just being a Roma player. He has a past at Turkish clubs Bucaspor, Altinordu and Istanbul Besaksehir. He has a past of playing in the European club competitions, which is vital this season.

The situation at Roma was probably not ideal for Cengiz, being at a club where he arrived with no friends or no family and probably a bit of a language barrier as well. He also saluted his political leaders back in Turkey, something that Roma fans disliked and criticism appeared.

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So why did such a great talent leave Roma, and why was it time for a change?, Roma fansite Chiesa Di Totti described the situation as difficult and that Cengiz had to leave this summer with his life at the club gone a bit sour. His first two seasons showed a player with a massive talent and Bayern Munich was reported to be ready to pay £55million for his services, but instead changes in management and systems, and of course strong competition and other players preferred in his position, made him surplus.

So we just have to wait and hope that Brendan Rodgers will be able to bring the best out of a player that at his best can turn football games around on his own, and with Caglar Soyuncu at the club and with great memories of a certain Muzzy Izzet, to be a Turk at Leicester City might be much better than hanging around in Roma.

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