Liverpool legend at Leicester, winning the league twice, a special Anfield favourite!

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The early days of football did see some stars and bright players that later in life found their way to Leicester, and to build a legendary status at a club might take a few years. Tom Bromilow is one of those players, appearing 341 times in the league for Liverpool.

He scored a modest amount of eleven goals from his midfield position and was only capped five times for England, but again his time at Anfield will for always be part of a proud history at this major club in football.

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Tom Bromilow also appeared for North England in this photo we see him alongside another Leicester City favorite and also a grand player at Liverpool, Jack Bamber. In the team also Charlie Buchan later famous for his great magazines covering English football during the 50’s and 60’s.

Bromilow won the league twice with Liverpool, two years in a row, 1922 and 1923, and seen by many as the players that in some way did start a legacy at the club long before Bill Shankly and other Boot Room men had their say.

After a successful time at Anfield he started his life in football coaching, making a move to Amsterdam for his first job, then two years later taking over at Burnley and from there moving a bit around being in charge of clubs such as Crystal Palace and Newport, before being appointed manager of Leicester in 1939.

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He took charge of Leicester and had the position when World War II broke out and during that period winning The League South and The Midland Cup. He returned to Leicester as a scout and worked for the club until his sudden death on a train at Nuneaton in 1959.

His skills and contribution to Liverpool as a club must never be forgotten and that is why they fondly remember their player for eleven seasons, and really rate him as highly as the once we know, The Keegan’s, The Dalglish’s and The Rush’s.

“Tom Bromilow, the clever Liverpool and international half-back, graduated to Anfield by way of the Union Presbyterian FC and West Bathgate, though, like a good many present-day players it took a war and army football fully to develop his skill. He is a real Merseysider and the best of his career is that he did not cost the Liverpool club a penny.”

Tom Bromilow wasn’t himself scouted to become a Liverpool player, but turned up at an Anfield office and asked for a trial. He got the chance to show his qualities and the rest is history. Far down Memory Lane but anyway a fascinating story of a legendary player that later became a manager of Leicester City, though his six years in charge was during a difficult and hampered time in the history of this football club.

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