Leicester and Leicestershire much more than just football!

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For us living over the sea we tend to think about Leicester and Leicester City as only football, but they do offer so much more, and there are lots of things to do if you stay for a long stay.

Some of us are football nuts and like to visit the training ground, and hopefully getting a tour planned at Seagrave and visit the new and fantastic facilities. Some loves the pubs and have their own route, but in this update, we will show you a bit more about Leicester and what it all can be if you are coming in for a game and are also looking for other offers.

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Crawling the websites of Leicester and Leicestershire and what they have to offer you do find a lot of interesting sites and you do believe that it would be lovely to try it out. Imagine cycling in Rutland, doing a trip of this and that.

Fans of this football club coming from abroad are doing a lot of different things, visiting churches, going to music clubs, eating at their favorite Indian, visiting their favorite pubs or going on a trip on that old fashioned train line.

You have Leicester Space Centre and what about a walk to the top of the Old John Tower, you can actually be busy all week if you like, loads of opportunities, then visiting the Everards website gives you ideas of things to do, and it makes you dream about more than football.

Shop – Leicester

We have done the walk down Soar, been to a Leicester Tiger game and seen the town more than once. Also visited the suburbs and really enjoyed life in this part of the World.

Norwegians and Swedes even Danes have been on these roads and enjoyed it in full.

From our section The Fox & The Edelweiss we are frequently bringing you news and stories about totally different things than football but of course all related to Leicester. During a summer Leicester and Leicestershire might be much more than transfer rumours and talk about players coming and going, though that are also great to follow, even from over the sea.

We are looking forward to the next trip back, hopefully soon, hopefully this season.

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