A Leicester win, put on a happy face, night visit to Bentleys Roof, phone calls, here is the post match galop

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A great win for Leicester today, 1-0 and you have a phone call from a fellow fan, talking a bit about the game, about Jamie Vardy, 35 and all that, his ticking clock looks 20, crying like a wolf. My pre match exercise went to a mountain top 1000m above sea level, then from here a night visit to Bentleys Roof, who could imagine.

After games and after the match report you put on a spotify playlist and of course you need to listen to a bit of Leicester music, and as a mature man, you have a taste in music that is a bit of everything and today Dick Van Dyke was the one set on repeat, Put on a happy face.

Then you go around on the net as you write the match report looking at other match ratings, trying to figure out what you have written and how it looks, looking at the key points from other forums and as always Foxes Talk gets their visit, but today also wandering what happened to Bentleys Roof and search on Google.

Finding out it’s still a website, finding it and there they are all of those devoted fans that you liked to follow in the past, those who had the good local stories, those who had seen it all, those who went to the games everytime and really was in the thick of it, week in and week out.

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Discussions about the game, that season opener and what really went on out there, watching the game on telly as Paul Merson says on something I viewed today as well, being in shock after Arsenal’s game yesterday, he couldn’t see it all as you will not when watching telly, you get a view, but not that special one that makes it great to watch everyting live and that either fantasy football or television can do, radio might be the closest you get if your host is good, like Alan Young, a legend at BBC Radio Leicester.

One thread is about Alan Young, a former hero, a former great that scored goals and hammered them in, getting us back up in the top, winning tier two in 1979/80, those Jock Wallace days, those special days, memories of all those goalkeepers against Shrewsbury Town, Young being one stepping in.

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Not that the football was probably World class, but Jock came in, took us back, started something new, and almost throw out everything from the past bringing in players such as Alan Young and squeezing the last juice out of Eddie Kelly, bringing Bobby Smith in from Hibs and taking Ian Wilson down from the Highlands of Scotland. The kind of magic that we did see today with Jamie Vardy, our man from Stocksbridge Park Steels.

His former team is down at level eight, believe he checks their results still, and today again being so iconic, coming into the light, returning to play in front of fans, those great fans, and some of them did probably find their way from Bentleys Roof, not today, but maybe from the yesterdays.

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Just loved the forum at Bentleys Roof, and to go back was fantastic. To see new and fresh updates about the Wolves game was good on this amusement park of a website and forum.

One major topic today has been Daniel Amartey. The Ghana international with a Norwegian upbringing, being under the management of Stale Solbakken at FC Copenhagen and Per Andreas Hogmo at Djurgarden. Solbakken is the current national coach of Norway, Hogmo had the position a few years back, and with Amartey’s track record, you might take the blame in full of his errors today, Norwegian as we are, and as we said in the match report, a tour to the gym might be needed to be able to take on Adama Traore.

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Some believed that DA played fantastically today and had as we could see a number of blocks, but also struggled at times with both pace and strength to keep Traore silent, somehting he surely was not. The defence kept their momentum stopped every Wolves attempt or themselves blow their chances.

I must agree with those saying Amartey was a bit of risk, and that his days at Leicester in the future will be on the fringe, brought to life in that previous years pre-season scoring a winner and then being a bit involved afterwards, but with Jannik Vestergaard in, Evans probably back, and the covers that are available at the right, we might not see much of DA again, though in TCF’s mind a good footballer, but still not that Steady Eddie over a season that he needs to be.

But all in all a winning performance from Leicester against a Wolves team that will surprise a number of experts and pundits this season that has written this project totally off, don’t see it like that, believe that a lot of teams will struggle to get much from games against this Wolves team.

So what did the manager say;

Brendan Rodgers was pleased with performance, especially first half, making it a bit more hecitc in the 2nd, but all in all he had just good words, and he was amazed by Jamie Vardy, and talked down that it could be possible with a race for the title, more concerned about James Maddison, but in the end very pleased to get on with a good start, getting the help for the fans that could be vital to home points as they obviously give the players a great push.

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Great with those phone calls, high up in the mountains, watching Leicester play, winning their season opener, just that good feeling all evening and being happy about it all.

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Some say hello, some say goodbye, some take their dog, some comments are good, others not so good, just keep on caring about Leicester City, feel, eat and sleep blue.


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