If this transfer happens, then Leicester are on a path that could lead to more silverware and a six year repeat of a former sensation

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Over a transfer window you have a great number of linked players and of course not all of them goes in, but today to see Domenico Berardi again in the frame for a Leicester move, you can’t neglect the fact. Borussia Dortmund are also said to be showing interest as well as AC Milan.

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The name of the Italian Euro winner has been there all summer with a fee of £25million said to be the asking price, since it’s fallen from the expected £35million, due to new facts about Berardi’s own wish to leave. With this reduced price, it would be in line with Leicester ambitions and funds available. There are also said to still be interest in one more addition in defense.

Berardi is a clever and very mobile player and an established professional with 17 caps to his name, 27 years of age and hand picked by former Leicester player Roberto Mancini leading the Italian ship with special greatness and confidence seldom seen and in there you have Berardi.

He is currently with Serie A club Sassuolo and has been at this club since 2010. He was originally bought by Juventus a few years back, but loaned back to his only club, being owned by the Italian giants as part of a ownership settlement and is listed as a Juventus player from 2013 to 2015.

A new chapter and at a perfect age, 27, Leicester will get a player, if they win the race, with a perfect experience record, still in his prime as a player and knowing how this player can go through walls to win, you would have a player perfectly fitting in the Leicester appartment.

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To follow the transfer window closely towards the end and what players that are linked with Leicester, who are leaving, who of the targets that leaves for other clubs, be shure to check hot, cool and cold.

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