Odds are dropping on this special candidate as new Leicester manager will add fuel to special Midland battle

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Frank Lampard was sacked from his manager job at Chelsea on the 25th of January 2021, just four days earlier he had seen defeat 2-0 vs. Leicester at King Power Stadium and it was to be his last game, so far, as manager in Premier League football.

The start to that 2020/21 season with Chelsea was phenomenal, going top in Premier League and also leading their group in Champions League and as we did see leading to the club winning the tournament under their new manager Thomas Tuchel.

Steven Gerrard has currently taken over as manager of Aston Villa and to see Frank Lampard as the next man in at Leicester would set the fuel can on fire as the two would of course be in the centre of media highlights as this could see a change in Premier League action and interest building two former league winners again to become contenders for the title.

Leicester did surprisingly win it back in 2015/16 and Aston Villa surprised everyone when they won the title in 1980/81 and also the European Cup a year after defeating Bayern Munich in the final. So both clubs have seen fame in the past and fans do remember those fantastic moments. Leicester are probably in a better position than Aston Villa at this moment, but both clubs are Premier League after battling their way back with promotion not so long ago.

The job Frank Lampard did at Chelsea will be shadowed by the man that came in after him and really made the most out everything and it was all done with the players brought in by Frank Lampard, but a bit of stumbling and difficulties made the belief less, but we never will know what would have happened if FL had go their backing.

Chelsea dropped to 9th position in Premier League, and that was not good enough at that point and a few of the new signings had not settled as well as hoped either, so pity for the man as his job was lost.

We all know what FL did at Chelsea in his first season, why he was appointed and how close he had come to bring Derby up to the highest level missing out of promotion in the play-off’s to Aston Villa.

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The next two or three weeks will be exciting as Frank is a free agent at the moment, can walk into the job without any compensations problems and if Brendan Rodgers decides to use his contract clause we might see this happening.

TCF looks at Frank Lampard as the strongest candidate for the job with other options and men in a job and more difficult to approach.


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