Foreign visitor to Leicester shocked at the state of Lineker Road described it all as a walk of shame

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Leicester might be in transition and hopefully one day we will see new light over Lineker Road and also what is left of the place once being the most famous in the city, Filbert Street.

One Leicester fan visiting from abroad just asked me why do they treat one of their true legends this way. It looks odd to see Lineker Road in this condition. Been passing this street many times in the years and it looks forgotten by everyone and not much looked after.

Gary himself was honoured in 2005 when the street was named after him, and hopefully it can be either removed or renovated as this looks a bit silly and for visitors you really just get a laugh as you cannot understand why anyone would name this place after a famous player.

15 years on in 2020 Gary also tweeted “I got a road in Leicester, and look at the state of it”. This is strange policy and hopefully it will be given a facelift soon and some sort of dignity restored.

We do have grand and fond memories of Filbert Street and of course Lineker Road should be a place for football or at least looked after as a road of honour. We are often on walks in Leicester when visiting and everything looks nice and tidy, but this road is not really looked after at all.

We certainly hope that in the future when naming roads after famous people that it will be looked after in the best way possible and as a sight of interest the visitor asked if the city was not really fond of Gary and if he had done something wrong.

In the future we might see Vardy Avenue but if it all ends up as Lineker Road you might skip the idea of such a happening after all. Hopefully the city will take care of this and bring the road back to some sort of standard that change this from the walk of shame to a walk of fame.


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