Will Leicester follow Newcastle and Aston Villa moving to Castore as new Adidas deal not yet confirmed

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Leicester is said to have an open agreement with Adidas to continue their partnership, but the current deal ended after this season. No new kit was launched as usual on the last day of the prior campaign and questions are not answerred.

Aston Villa were in a similar position and announced their new agreement with Castore on the 31st of May. Castore are allready partners with Rangers, Newcastle and Wolves, and just recently also signed a deal with Charlton.

The UK is now out of EU and of course to build a new relation with a supplier based in Bebington, Merseyside, might be seen as a patriotic move from clubs as they look to extend relations with companies build on new and fresh ideas.

The company is owned by brothers Thomas and Philip Beahon and a number of other contributing investors. Founded in 2016 and entering professional football in 2020 with their first major deal being done with Rangers.

With Leicester and Adidas yet to announce any further news about a new kit, rumours are flying regarding a possible deal to be made with Castore. Aston Villa did not launch a new kit for their last game of the season wearing their Kappa kit vs. Man City.

It will be interesting to see if Leicester will continue to go into next season with Adidas or will make this major change rumoured to be happening with Castore.

Castore are also kit supplier for Sevilla and Bayer Leverkusen as they start to grow and are said to be favorable and competetive to those other brands in the market, not competing with a host of other clubs which is the situation if you sign with Adidas or Nike.

To be important for a supplier is a key and we just have to wait and see what kit Leicester will weare next season, brand, colours and logos.


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