10 good and vital reasons why Daniel Iversen is a better goalkeeper alternative than Danny Ward going forward

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Daniel Iversen showed during pre-season and in the EFL Cup game vs. Stockport that he can do a proper job for this Leicester team and why Brendan Rodgers is in favor of Danny Ward is a massive riddle.

Some suggest that Leicester should have signed a good alternative to Kasper Schmeichel when he left but that is a stupid idea with a certain Daniel Iversen available.

We have at least 10 good and vital reasons why Daniel Iversen at this point is the best alternative and the man to go for as his stats and figures shows it all. He has a grand future at Leicester if Brendan Rodgers decides to give him the gloves.

Reason 1; Age. Daniel Iversen is born in 1997, 25 years of age. Ward is 29 and four years older, and that is of course something to address as you look at your goalkeeper situation long term.

Reason 2; Height. Daniel Iversen is 1.93m and his range is much better. Danny Ward is 1.91m but looks to not use his height in his advantage as those 2cm might look more than it is.

Reason 3; Match fitness. Daniel Iversen has in the last four seasons played 150 league games for Oldham, Rotherham, EH Leuven and Preston. Most of those games are played at Championship level. Danny Ward has played a total of 25 games, and only once in League action, coming in his debut game for Leicester vs. Watford.

Reason 4; Pre-season. Daniel Iversen played in all games, Danny Ward was out injured and not involved in any of the games. Strange to see him starting his first games in Premier League.

Reason 5; Contract situation. Both are on contracts running until 2025, Iversen will be 28 when his contract expires, a perfect age for a player and a future in front. Danny Ward will be 32 and still could be a good goalkeeper, but he will probably be on a contract that will not se him as a choice long term.

Reason 6; Clean sheets. Daniel Iversen produced 13 clean sheets last season at Preston. Danny Ward has let in goals in all of his six games so far this season.

Reason 7; Long range saves. Daniel Iversen is a clever stopper on these type of shots. Danny Ward do have problems with long range shots.

Reason 8; Weight. Danny Ward does weigh 8kg more than Daniel Iversen even him being taller. As we have seen in the games he looks a bit heavy and at 88kg probably a bit too much compared to the 80kg of his competitor.

Reason 9; Results. Daniel Iversen played in pre-season with good results, as well as picking up points of a certain standard with Preston. Danny Ward had a terrible experience vs. Forest in the FA Cup last season and this campaign is a nightmare so far.

Reason 10; Penalty saves. A goalkeeper that saves three penalties in a shoot out will be able to make saves also in games. Clever reader of the shot and one that has special skills in that area.

There are of course more to count and to add one key factor is confidence level as Daniel Iversen last season was voted player of the year at Preston and showed his strandards vs. Stockport. This is a no brainer from a footballing point of view.


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